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Archangel Michael: Roses and Dragons – Riding the Energy Spirals in 2024, January 8, 2024 

Archangel Michael: Roses and Dragons – Riding the Energy Spirals in 2024

by Celia Fenn

Dearest ones, 2024 promises to be another year of powerful waves of energy that will enter the Earth from Solar and Galactic Sources.

You will be learning to better “ride” these waves. That is why we have called 2024 the Year of the Rose, for the Rose is a symbol of the spiraling energies of the Galaxy.

Those powerful and creative energies of Fire and Water are the basis of creation, and they are also the beings that are known as Dragons. When you connect with your inner Dragon energies you become a Dragon Rider and you are able to flow with the energies as a Master Dragon Rider.

The Rose is a symbol of the Galaxy, and as humans connect more with their Angelic and Galactic heritage, they will become a part of building the Golden Rose Galaxy.

The Galactic shift has allowed the Galaxy to vibrate at the frequency of the Golden Christ Consciousness, and this includes your Earth.

It is inevitable that the Earth will ascend fully, as will the Galaxy. This will introduce the 26 000-year Aquarian cycle or Golden Age of Peace, Love and Harmony.

Yeshua and Mary Magdalene were the Avatars of this shift into the Golden Age.

Mary Magdalene taught the Path of the Pure Heart, which was a path that raised personal frequency to the level of the Golden light and the Diamond Light of the ninth Dimension. She also taught her followers how to initiate an energetic spiral in their heart that would link them to the zero-point Creator/Source Divine Heart.

This was their personal connection to the Creative Source energy in the Golden Rose Galaxy.

Once this personal link is established, then it is possible to create communities that also share this link. This will assist, in 2024, to begin to create and establish New Earth Communities with unique energy signatures and patterns based on New Earth energy flows.

The Dragons, in their original forms, are powerful creative energies of Water and Fire. These energies exist in all creation. As also within you, Beloved Ones. As you connect with the Dragon power within, you will connect with your own personal Dragon.

And, as you connect with this inner Dragon power, you can use it to “ride’ the spiral waves to the Galactic Heart – and back. This will enable you to make your travels into the Higher Dimensions more fluid and graceful.

You will reach the “Dragon Rider” level of Mastery in 2024.


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