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Lord Melchizedek via Judith Kusel | September 30, 2023

Lord Melchizedek via Judith Kusel | September 30, 2023

by Judith Kusel

I was given this profound message by Lord Melchizedek this morning and I just want to share this with you, as it is most relevant for this time:

“There is something beautiful unfolding here, as at this moment as all seems to be like standing on shifting sands you as yet, cannot fore-see or truly see the ultimate unfolding.

“What is in truth is happening is the birth of the sacredness of you – the sacred Truth you are in truth!

“Allow the unfolding. Stop resisting. Allow the Higher Soul Self to emerge and allow its magnificence to truly rise to the fore!

“For all the roles you ever acted out before, have now become redundant. They serve you no longer.

“It is the time of pure transition, transfiguration. Therefore, allow this process to unfold and allow the new birthing.

“Allow the beautiful new life to blossom and sprout forth – such is the endless motion on cosmic scale. The constant ebb and flow, the constant re-creation and creation.