Love is our new reality

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Ishvara via Ann Dahlberg, September 23, 2023

Ishvara via Ann Dahlberg
September 23, 2023

Channel Ann Dahlberg

I am Ishvara and today I would like to talk a little about how the Earth was born and formed all these species that you can now see on Earth. It is an enormous richness of species and a great inspiration and intelligence that lies behind all these manifestations.

We go through many rebirths on Earth but this involves a space of time that cannot be found here if you even add as many zeros as you can present. There are microcosms at different levels and there are intermediate cosmoses, which you belong to and there is macrocosms that include planets, suns and finally galaxies. It doesn’t end there either, but it will have to do for now.

The earth has thus become a part of the macrocosm and has been formed over thousands, millions of years (incalculable) from a small lump of stone to a massive globe. Next came the plants, the animals, the people, and now she returns to the spiritual realms of love and light, but in a larger format than she has had before.
The same applies to you, dear people on Earth. You can see that phenomenon through the child who is born and needs all the love and care to survive and the adult person who manifests different things on different levels.

Many of you are now returning to the spiritual world of light and love, but in a larger format and with a greater experience in your backpack. You have now learned what you came down to learn and are now your own masters of self-knowledge and love for yourselves and all that is around you.

The realm that now awaits you is full of loving individuals who can master and manifest that which is good for all who live on this planet. You are now living in the higher realms of love and light and have left the shoes of children behind and stepped into your adult shoes.

This dear people may be something to think about. I’ll leave it here for now because it’s too much to take in how it all works, but when you enter the realm of love, the gate to this knowledge opens, where you see how everything is connected and how evolution in the universe works.

There is no beginning and no end, everything is just… You can experience a little of it in the stillness and emptiness within yourselves, when you have emptied your mind and just are… you exist but not in any form but as pure energy. It can take a while to get used to or you feel love and harmony and want to stay in this state.
It is difficult almost impossible to do that in this heavy energy and in the body you are now in. However, it is good if you take this experience with you in your daily life and try to go back there, when you want to have answers to your questions or manifest something in your life right now. It is from your inner core that you can change things on a deeper level and see them manifest more smoothly. Your life becomes a little easier to live and your own puzzle forms a larger whole as piece by piece is added.

You become the master of your own life and it also has an impact on the consciousness of the human collective. It is happening now and it has happened many times in human history, but not to the extent that is happening today on Earth.

The entire Earth with all its species and kingdoms is preparing for a new age of spirituality and growth, to ascend into a realm of light and love. Many people are now helping.

Earth in this development and helps to send light and love through all the channels that are available, which includes all living things on Earth and it happens in different ways.

It can happen through angels, guides, spiritual beings, as well as sun, wind and water and various portals that exist on Earth. The ways to reach you are many and inventive and I cannot list them all here but have faith and good hope, dear people, you are surrounded by many helping hands, as you often put it, and you are all blessed and loved.

You have the energy of love all around you, open your heart and let it in, so that your path becomes easier to walk. You will then arrive faster at your goal of living in a brighter and more loving realm.

Great love