Love is our new reality

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Lord Melchizedek via Victoria Cochrane, September 27th, 2017

See the world with love; we the Masters have said it often yet, for many countries and people the harsh realities are war (or the threat of it), dictatorship, violence, famine and starvation. The current global state of events is frightening and makes the idea (or even ideals) of ascension seem like a far off dream that has less and less chance of ever being realised.

Yet, if you look closely at the sunrises, sunsets, seasons and the natural world closely the signs of ascension are very clear. The cyclones are fiercer and more frequent, rainbows are more vibrant and the colours in the skies resonate with new, fresh energies resonating with the energy of the Age of Aquarius. Plants are budding and flowering at odd times of the year, trees die yet regenerate on their own and the night skies seem to hold more stars. Now, more than ever, the natural world is cleansing, regenerating and renewing and the human race is following suit.

The histories of the past are bloodied. There is no doubt that the human footprint on the Earth beyond the fall of Atlantis has left memories that cannot remain if the world is to bring itself into the higher and much purer vibrations of the Fifth Dimension. Even though the realities of life on Earth are seemingly repeating themselves, such as in the actions of dictators who rule for power at the expense of their own people, the actions and reactions of the masses is vastly different to those of the past. Where once there was helplessness and blind fear, now there is fury, outrage and a mass uprising against those who work for themselves regardless of the consequences. In addition to a global uprising and awakening against oppression, there has also been a steady unveiling of untruths and deceptions in those previously trusted since ascension first began. This trend will continue and intensify, shocking many out of their slumber and onto the path of awakening.

It is difficult to see anything beyond the stories of impending nuclear war on the world stage and it appears as though war is imminent. Those who rule the world through mind manipulation and fear are feeding the human collective consciousness with anger, fear and negativity and the leaders who are playing this out are also themselves victims of mind manipulation. It is not the purpose of this message to go into who would wish to destroy the world or why, only suffice to say that they are many and their methods are devious, persistent and eminently effective. It is essential, therefore, for awakening souls to avoid being sucked into the vortex of fear that is consuming the world and to actively work to increase the levels of positivity and love in the collective consciousness, the universal heart, universal mind and the mind and universal soul. To do this one must stay away from the media hype and remain in a focused, calm state. Stay connected to spirit and listen to the loving guidance that is available to all who are able to keep their minds disconnected to the collective consciousness. Only those who can do this are truly safe from mind control.

Harness the new energies of ascension through intentional thought and meditation. Ask that all who are being manipulated against their will be freed from the grips of the dark forces and that their energies be cleared with love and light. Consciously send the love of the Creator from your heartspace into the collective consciousness and combine it with the Violet Flame of Transmutation. Send the angels and Masters of Light to parts of the world where the darkness is greatest and ask them to clear the energies and protect the innocent. These are all positive actions every conscious human can take every day to reverse the negative and toxic energies embracing the Third Dimensional world. Yes, you are only one person but your thoughts and intentions are much more powerful than you can ever know. With many people around the world sending energy this energy becomes a collective force of loving intention that no lower energies can penetrate. If you find it difficult not to absorb environmental or other people’s energies, please always ask that your own energy be protected and  cleared after any interactions or meditations.

Positive thoughts and intentions sent out to the world with loving intention can only attract positive reactions in equal measure. Every individual is a powerful creator in their own right. No one is helpless against governments, corporations or powerful individuals who create dynasties for their own gain at the expense of innocent people. Not one person in the world is more important or more deserving than another in the world, let alone the Universe. Everyone is connected and one with the all and everything is equal in stature and importance. The Earth, everything and everyone upon it are loved unconditionally by the Creator. Harness this love, dear ones, and remember that only love is real.

I AM yours in service and love,

Lord Melchizedek!


» Source – Channel: Victoria Cochrane