Love is our new reality

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Masters of Creation via Ailia Mira, September 27th, 2017


We connect today with you and are pleased to do so. We intend to share with you our view of you. We do so, because we love you and so that you might feel the fullness of who you truly are.

It is easy in your world to forget how you came to be here. You may have ideas about this during your life, but generally you don’t trust them very much. You think of them as ideas. (Smile.) Often they are very accurate insights. We digress.

We come into this conversation knowing that you are aware of the non-physical and so we speak to you understanding that, and with trust that you will use your inner knowing in receiving what we communicate.

The life you are living is your own.

There is no other reason for you to be here, then to be you here. You are here to express yourself.

The vastness you are finds this realm of focus entirely pleasing and you, entirely pleasing.

There is simply no other feeling about you, so to speak, than love.

You are loved, deeply, completely, with tremendous enthusiasm, always. No matter how you choose to express or how you feel about what you are expressing there is nothing but love for you.

This is the most essential thing for you to remember. Pause for a moment now and feel this deep within you. The truth, the stability of this as knowing, is within you already. We are simply pointing you to that and inviting you to feel it, orient to it, let it blossom in your life.

If you were to remember this, you would feel so much better and life would become so much more fun.

It is easy to let yourself forget this, but we invite you to make remembering this prime. Prime in your lives.

To make something prime is to mark it’s importance.

Your origination and that is quite accurately what it is; the primacy of you, is pure consciousness and the expressions of you here arise from that pure consciousness. All of which is fulfilled by love. Nothing about any of that, or anything in Creation, is anything but loved.

Your life could be lived from this, that is what we invite you to do as we invite you to remember this and make it prime in your lives. The vigor, the exquisite joy, the bliss you can feel in this knowing is paramount to your thriving.

Today as you go about your day, see if you might remind yourself of this truth.

See if you might feel the primacy of your being, as eternal, infinite expansive consciousness. You are Consciousness, with a capital “C.” Playing here is an expression of you, as you.

Pause again now and feel that.

Then, consider and allow yourself to realize that we are with you, right here, right now as you read this and we were here before that too. Realize that we have our attention upon you, always. That in every moment of your day All-That-Is has attention upon you!  We are within you, we are with you, inspiring you, loving you, supporting you. We are with you, pleased and happy for you. There is endless love in that attention. Our unlimited, unconditional, exuberant appreciation is streaming to you, through our attention, always.

You can learn to live from this truth, feeling it as real.

It is the best possible way to be here, as you.

The Masters of Creation.


» Source – Channel: Ailia Mira