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Mary Magdalene via Ann Dahlberg, February 14th, 2018


Mary Magdalene

Wednesday, February 14th, 2018

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Mary Magdalene and I am here today in order to lift the plight of the animals on the planet. Many of the animals live under very tight and difficult circumstances. They suffer silently as they cannot make their voices heard. They live under constant stress and this is also not benefitting the people who eat them. Some people have understood this and they eat only those animals that live in good conditions and who have gained some larger freedom. It is better to eat less meat and make sure that the animals fare well during the time they are alive than to support this mass production that only feeds a large suffering. It is possible to live on less meat during the week. There are many good and better alternatives. There are more people who eat alternative diets and this is primarily the younger ones. They can see how the animals are treated and they do not want to contribute to this suffering. It is not only domestic and livestock animals that have to suffer so much, but there are many wild animals that are hunted and killed for different reasons. They have something that mankind wants or they are in conflict with man’s interests or activities. Take care of the animals and take care of yourselves dear children on Earth. Everything is connected – everything is a unit. Also the animals are a part of you. You suffer and the animals suffer and this continues until you take better care of yourselves, your animals and the planet you live on. Everything goes in circles, but you build up your circle with a higher roof. From this roof you can have a view of what is important in your lives, other people’s lives and the planets.

There are many organizations that protect the rights of animals today and I am grateful for all that is done for these poor animals that are in the wrong hands. Some have sacrificed their lives in order for others to get it better and in order for the eyes of humanity on Earth to be opened. Many eyes have been opened and in some areas much is being done to for instance save a threaten spices from extinction or to save animals that have something that is valuable for humanity. For each animal that has been saved a victory is achieved. All animals are grateful to humanity for its caring and kindness. Some animals have experienced great love from people and their gratefulness has no limits. A friendship and love connection has been established. They remember those that saved them and their love is great and unconditional in response to the good they have experienced. I become so happy and grateful, when I see this my eyes are touched to tears. You have strong friends among the animals so show them your love and you will receive double back. It is a strong and unconditional love that can grow between people and animals. There are many who have house animals at home whom are their best and most loyal friends. It is friend who helps them in life when it is up and when it is down. All who have had an animal at your side through fail and foul know what I mean. The animal’s love is strong and they have helped humanity during a long time to find themselves and their heart in the world of chaos and separation that has become ever more imposing during the last century.

What is happening is that the darkness now is being dissolved on Earth. The light has come back and dissolves much darkness and karma that is hidden away in nooks and crannies. The veil is lifting now and then we can see with clearer eyes. All these organizations that are working for animals and nature would not have started up if they had not taken in the light to their hearts. All over the Earth today work is being done to create better conditions for all living beings and organisms. All these people have found what is important in life and what their mission is in order to improve life on Earth. From a large darkness a mighty light rises up and it is this light that now envelopes Earth. I am so grateful and happy for this. I share my gratitude and love with you.

I love you so much.

Mary Magdalene



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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