Love is our new reality

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Mary Magdalene via Ann Dahlberg, October 31st

Mary Magdalene

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Channel Ann Dahlberg

Today is a great day on Earth. It is a temporary calm day, as there are many who celebrate the memory of their loved ones. The weapons are laid down to honor the memory of former comrades.

It is these kind of quiet days the world looks forward to. Not only to honor their dead, but also because the peace has occurred in more and more countries. A peace has been achieved by the understanding that we all are humans and must take care of each other.

The peace is calling you now dear children of the Earth. Its whispering voices are heard everywhere. It penetrates everywhere and finally even the coldest heart. Deep inside lives a desire, a love thursting for something more, something more alive. Life becomes empty and meaningless if love is fenced in, love is what gives life and color to life.

Today the love is confirmed by the love of all its loved ones. The memories of these is only bright memories, everything else has faded away. We are so constituted, we humans, that we rather remember the bright side than the dark and that’s what takes us forward. How else would we dare to tread on this earth life after life with all of these experiences, positive and negative? Because we remember the positive it warms our hearts. That and the love of Gaia make us return again and again.

Do you understand now how beloved you are and what purpose you had with this journey? It was to bring love to the Earth again. Love for yourselves and everything that lives on our beloved planet Gaia. Love is free dear children, free as a bird. This means that you can drop the old, loosen your chains and unleash as a bird and start flying. The soul bird want to fly, fly its own way, free from the demands of others and its own chains.

It is time now dear children of the Earth to release the soul. It knows its way and is impatient to get going. There are too many musts everywhere and too little freedom. Freedom equals love. The true way to go is to walk in love with your free soul beside you. The world would suddenly look different. Everything would be done for Gaia and the common good. No obstacle would be too hard, but everything would be done with ease and joy. This is your future, dear children! Envision it and enjoy it, for it is not far away.

Let this day continue in joy and serenity and let it infect many more days this month. Let it then expand every month until there is peace on earth.

I wish you all great love and joy