Love is our new reality

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The Ancient One via Solene, November 1st

Greetings fellow travelers,

We have come with a call to all those that are known across the land as the “healers”, the practitioners of wholeness, the beings that give of themselves in service to others to assist the minds and bodies and emotions of humanity. We shall refer to you all as the Uplifters. We do so to be inclusive of all beings no matter the modality of upliftment to your self or to others.

It is time for this ground crew of beings, all those Uplifters that have anchored goodness and light here on earth, all those helping create a new world must now hold a new found respect.

This respect is simply held for themselves.

It is time for you all to realize your worth. To stand in the humble embrace of your grandness and importance here. Doing this will allow the most grace filled gift you could ever receive that could benefit yourself and so many on this planet.

You have chosen to be of universal service. You have chosen to assist humanity in its upliftment. We are honored you are here. This gathering of souls to uplift humanity is a beautiful sight for our witness. Please accept our guidance as your potentials are infinite. It is time to have awareness of a key foundational piece that many of you are missing. This piece has been masked or hidden from some of you for many lifetimes. The key to upliftment of others is upliftment to self first! No more martyr. No more savior, no more waiting on others to gift back to you for your service, no more depletion of the conduit of cosmic consciousness. Many of you continually deplete your energy fields through martyrdom and choices you believe are guided by humbleness. Dear ones, your grace is filled with humbleness, when powerful acts of compassion for yourself are intended. To know your worth. To understand energy to the point you see the progenitor streams of your creation. This is the power to heal from, to uplift others from. You must make a choice to uplift yourself first.

Taking responsibility for your complete whole life, your whole emotions, your whole lifestyle choices, your means of income, all of it must be addressed as a whole picture. Vibrational integrity is a must at this time. Why would you believe that living with less than brings better service to a humanity? Who or what organization gifted you this idea? Who imposed the limit and restriction to you for your service? Gifting through depletion is depletion. Gifting through lack is lack. Gifting from a tainted source is gifting tainted gifts.

Put the oxygen mask on yourself first please. Can you assist humans as they go through the turbulence of archonic streams? Can you imagine assisting from a place of foundational strength without blinding emotional triggers or constant protection? Can you assist while in a healthy body, a healthy mind, a healthy environment, even a healthy financial life? And who’s responsibility is that anyway? Why would wholeness be excluded from you? Why would you, the giver of upliftment come from a place of less than, doing without, or a lack of abundance – all in the name of the great work, because you were gifted abilities by God? Does this exclude you from the great work for yourself? This devalueing of the self so that you may assist others must stop. Putting expectations on the limits of your own cellular healing will stop your progress with others also. Your work will only go so far from a depleted source!

We need you now. Ascension happens IN THE BODY in these new energies.

Waiting on the universe to provide for you without matching its energy, or waiting for a community to fund you, or waiting for the kindness of those you help to sustain you, this belief system must end. No longer shall you lack the strength to UPLIFT the life of the soul vehicle you were provided. This is the life you signed up for. This earthly vehicle, the one that is here to enjoy the beauty and love and bounty of life and to uplift humanity. This does not match the vehicle some of you are creating. Creating your vehicle from the universal fields of harmony is necessary at this time, not only through community ritual, religious beliefs or ancestral access. These practices might assist you at times in your life cycle, to give you awareness or validation of your connection to the creator. Unnecessary energy depletion is foremost a concern in the new placement of the earth in the universe. Intentions held within the cellular body are key. Honor your traditional wisdoms, but lessen the practices away as your only source to connection to the Creator.

You must now BE the intention of the wisdom. Be the intention of the Elders. By becoming the walking display of the wisdom, you are attaining in this lifetime and the Ascension you seek. Stop the process of seeking please. Step into the knowing of your being. Step into your ancient wisdoms. You will be matched by the universe. You must now be your own Star Elder and connect to the other Star Elders in honor and reverence. This is the merging humanity has sought. You are here. You are life’s gift. You are a necessary component to the upliftment to a humanity. But you cannot do this in a depleted cellular state or a depleted emotional state.

If this means for you, the Uplifter, to be the one to self care, to self nurture, then so be it. To detox the body and the mind and emotions of all things of this lifetime and former lifetimes of lower vibration. There you have a clear vessel to work as the conduit for God’s hands. Then collect the sum of all your lifetimes that were the most benevolent and become THAT. Become the wisdom of your ancient mind, of your ancient heart, become the greatest kindness you can muster. This is a cellular process that must occur to activate the DNA for ascension in the body.

Remove the genetic markers of trauma, beliefs and ideas that do not serve you and become the grand merging. The merging of new cosmic awareness, and our ancient earthly wisdoms are upon us. Your bodies abilities now to hold more light is expansive. Your DNA’s abilities to interact with the multi dimensional fields is infinite. Be the responsible steward of this process in your own body vehicle please. Your participation is crucial for upliftment of humanity and it must begin with yourself, by yourself. Start by asking for assistance in your own progress and upliftment, the universe will provide matching energy for your progress. Do the work, put in the earth time to alter your being to clarity. Holding intention of your own continued upliftment as a constant harmonic is necessary.

The building of the cellular foundation of strength is important work and the greatest reward a spirit can attain while in a body. We bless you for your dedication, we bless you for your energetic support, and your countless earthtime to uplift humanity. It it now time in your life cycle to put yourself first for upliftment above all others. This is the divine strength. This is true compassion. Lacking compassion for yourself will not build a strong foundation in these new energies. New ideas, new ways, new thoughts and sovereign love of self must occur now.

This is how a humanity, a planet and a universe are uplifted. One “healer” at a time.
Be the example of Upliftment.Walk as honor on the land. Be the conduit of divine health and strength.

We are here supporting you, assisting you in your upliftment of humanity and yourself. Continue where you started, be responsible for your own life, make conscious choices for your own upliftment before the upliftment of others. Then gift from that place. Gift yourself as the conduit of light and love. The light body will thank you. Your spirit will thank you. Our humanity will thank you. The universe will thank you.

Many blessings for your continued service.
The Ancient One
this day November one two thousand fifteen