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Mary Magdalene via Beatrice Madsen, July 30th, 2020

Mary Magdalene via Beatrice Madsen, July 30th, 2020


The regular occult rites where people worked to keep the Goddess energy down is now not happening in the same way as before. It is of great importance for the future development of the earth.

The veils and carpets of negative, dark, divisive, heavy energy that have been laid for so long to maintain the lower frequencies and feed the duality and the idea of ​​splitting of the human race have now been dissolved and are not nourished, in the same extreme way.

For this reason, we can truly exclaim Hallelujah and let the right light seep into our cell structures if we allow it.

Attempts to keep man in the energy of fear is still taki place continuously and with special frenzy now that these sacrificial rites cannot be performed at the same frequency. They go out into your media and try to hit you collectively with fear and warnings and ideas that you must watch over yourself and others, control and value.

You are waking up more and more to the truth that is absolute and in the year 2021, revelations will come to the masses who need a long processing process but are oh so necessary. When the truth is revealed, there will be two camps, those who accept the fact of the truth and those who refuse to believe what is revealed. Institutions will fall as the consciousness of humanity awakens. The institutions can no longer maintain the facade of power and knowledge, but it will not be an easy fall and many attempts at illusory new towers are attempted in sheer desperation. Remember that people at the top of these Babel towers are used to power and getting what they want, so they do not give up easily.

Documents will come out in the most bizarre places that are impossible to contradict. The power elite does everything in their power to prevent the truth from being revealed.

My friends, think of how much has already been revealed and decoded. A great stone of truth has been set in motion and it cannot stop its progress, it is rolling forward, getting bigger and bigger and rolling faster and faster. Eventually it lands to be fortified and machined.

You who walk in the vanguard I see as trampolines with angel wings, you wonderful. You have in the most unique way dared to open yourself to the truth and when the remaining earthlings see that you are steadfast, determined and more secure in everything you are in frequency, energy and truth, you help them enormously. Those who might otherwise perish from this discovery have a physically helping hand that guides them more easily and smoothly through the eye of the needle. It will also be frustrating for you to see that some actually choose to get out of here as the pain and development becomes too great. This can happen in different ways, through illness or traumatic events in their lives. However, remember that it is their soul choice and they need more time in the third dimension before they can ascend. Your souls meet again when they are ready. Pray for them and send light for their further development and then release them, so you do not carry on their shadow.

My wish is that you anchor yourself in the energy of the heart and show patience, wonderful vanguard. See yourself as a star immersed in the earth’s surface to illuminate the path of your fellow passengers. You do not always have to say something, perform or explain, if it cannot be received. It is enough that you are you and just ARE. You can be a needle in the eye of those who do not want to see or develop and they do not know why they get so annoyed with you but allow it to be so. It swings one day and they will understand that you are a true forerunner. We hold you from this realm and our cooperation is greater than you understand in your awake body. With these divine words, I want Mary Magdalene to know that I am with you, for you and hold you in every step, oh saints.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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