Mary Magdalene via Beatrice Madsen, October 29th, 2018

Mary Magdalene

October 29th, 2018

Channel: Beatrice Madsen

Somewhere beyond the mountains is your paradise. Somewhere beyond the mountains you can see a steady light – from where it shines and you can hear the loveliest music. The energy is so fantastic there that it is hard to imagine it now. You get glimpses and greetings from there in order to understand in which direction it is headed. Slowly but surely the shine is getting more steady.

It is a hard journey through the desert that you are making with sandstorms and the dangers of evil minded creatures that appear from the sand with open jaws. When these ancient reptilians see that you are on your way to light the eternal light they become furious and no longer even try to hide their horrid appearances in order to make a final attempt to frighten you and extinguish your light. They will assemble all that they have for they do not want to loose their power over you my dear friends.

You are not encountering the monster eye to eye, all you strong stars and lightworkers. You are now in the same phase that my Sananda was when he met the monster in the desert and got to see into its horrid eyes. The world is showing you its monster and also on a personal level you can encounter your deepest shadows.

Know that it is exactly is it should be, dear friends. You are exactly where you must be in order for us to open this valve to higher energies that will achieve a sustainable hold on Mother Earth. Just like archangel Michael you wield your swords of light in order to kill the monster and it might feel like a long battle. Remember that the monster does not only look horrifying in its appearances, but is also very cunning and knows your weak spots. Your heart power and your light are your foremost weapons and you have an arsenal of helpers that support you at an etheric level.

Stand steady lightworkers. See through the list and the ingratiating ways and the attempts to speak to your ego and not your soul, which is the trick of the monster. You know you are immortal and you know that you are the lights of the world. Hold your sword high and light it up with your wisdom and your strong flame. When you are not afraid the monster crawls as there is no food to be had – it shrinks down into the sand and gasps for air and begs you. It tries to in all possible ways to ingratiate itself and show itself in forms that please you, but me dear, see through with your soul, who knows what is true and what is false. You are the victors of the Light and we are on our way.

In Love and Respect, your Mary Magdalene




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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