Jor-El via Börje Höglund, February 19th, 2018



February 19th, 2018

Channel: Börje Höglund

As a child I read the cartoon Superman. It was there said that the father of Superman was named Jor-El and he came from the planet Krypton.

This Galactics introduces himself a Jor-El, so that I would understand that he comes from a planet in a different planetary system.


Dearest friends who live on this planet, it is Jor-El who is speaking via this channel.

Us Galactics want to thank you for all the courage you have shown through dark times of oppression, slavery, war and other heavy lives that you have experienced during many thousands of years according to your way of counting time.

Through it all you have managed to keep the light shining within you and spread it further to so many that we now are in a shift to the new world that you have waited for.

It is you lightworkers/lightwarriors all over this beautiful planet that you live on who have completed this fantastic achievement to raise the light, not only for yourselves, but for this whole planetary system.

When you do your astral travels look at this beautiful Mother Earth – see how all the light is spreading and evaporating the dark.

Continue to spread your light – do not be discouraged even if dark clouds appear sometimes. You know that after rain comes sunshine, or that a thunderstorm will soon pass and you can breathe in the fresh air, cleansed by the weather phenomenon.

It is you who cleanse with your light, energy and power, who change the world you live on.

Come together in groups – big and small. It is important that the collaboration between all individuals is done together as there is much that needs to be done when the whole planet is to be healed and cleansed from all contamination on land, sea and air. However, do not see it as impossible, but envision that it is already fixed and done.

Talk with your friends who live on this beautiful planet in other forms and dimensions. They have so much knowledge you need in order to understand the whole.

Continue with your lightwork and remember to ask for help and you will receive what you need. We are a large number of us who are within reach for your thoughts.

Ask that you thoughts and intentions will become reality and will arrange so that you will have the opportunity to fulfill them. You just need to pay attention and catch the opportunities that come in different forms.

Know that all life forms want to ascend to higher dimensions at the same time as Gaia. Remember that we all are One in this Divine creation where all of us are loved with the boundless unconditional love that our Father and Mother is sending us.

We thank you for your fantastic lightwork that you carry out to the highest good of everybody.

We are here to make sure the development follows God’s plan.

We love you and send the love energy you need in order for your continued creative powers. We are happy for the opportunity we have received to be in contact with you through this channel.

We are with you all days and all moments, just a thought away.

Thank you dear friends.


The Galactics



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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