Love is our new reality

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Mother Earth via Zane Morgan, October 30th, 2018

I Am Mother Earth and I greet you with love and warmth in my heart. I Am here to bring forth another message of clearing and purification, so take a seat dear ones…

Find the silence within, wherever you are.. You may be on the bus, at your desk in a busy office, just sitting alongside some of my beautiful trees or laying up on my sandy shores…

Take a moment to just feel your heart beat….

Feel the heart that pumps your blood throughout your body….

As you do this let all the other distractions around you slowly disappear until you are fully aware of your heart center, your connection to All That Is…

Breathe into this area children and let it fill with a beautiful royal blue light that’s filled with shimmering silver sparkles.. Let this light fill your heart..

Now as this light is filling your heart see yourself swimming through my oceans that are of this same colour.. See yourself swimming in a beautiful royal blue sea that is filled with silver sparkles of light..

Feel the beauty of this light as it envelopes you…

Now see what ever sea life comes to you, swimming alongside you, just as happy and peaceful as you are..

You may see the whales or the dolphins, a stingray or a shark it matters not, what ever comes to you is perfect.. Just see them peaceful and happy…

As you do this keep your attention focused on your heart center and feel the unconditional love from Source that keeps you alight, you all have this connection dear ones and so do my animals and all things living upon me… Some of you may have blocked it out, others may know this connection well and there may be some that are just realizing this connection, feel it now children, feel the love and light, a beautiful royal blue, full of sparkles of silver that whiz around you..

You are deep within my ocean now children, take a moment here to feel the silence, to feel the peace and to feel the connection of all around you..

Be at peace dear ones and see everything in the ocean around you in peace and with this same connection… Rest here.. Let yourself drift with the ocean current… Let any tightness in your body drift away with the waters, leaving you free and connected.. All Is One in the ocean dear ones, all is connected, just as you are on the surface.. It’s peaceful and silent down here.. Stay here as long as you feel necessary..

It’s now time to start to head back up, see yourself rising up in the ocean as your sea friends swim up with you, feeling the same peace and connection you do..

See the rays of sun as you near the surface and once you reach the top see yourself breach the waters as you then dive back into your body, bringing with you that peace, that stillness, the love, the connection..

You will need this soon children so please carry it with you where ever you go.

I, Mother Earth, along with the cetaceans and ALL other life within my oceans thank you for this deed you have just done.

Remember, when things seem too tough or that all is raging around you, go to to the still place that we were just in, it is always there dear ones, within your heart, not your mind.. I Am Mother Earth and I love you all unconditionally..
PLEASE NOTE: These messages remain the property of the author. All messages may be shared as long as they are kept as the original and no text within them is altered. Altering these messages in any way is altering the energy that they carry, therefore they will not do what they are intended to do. Love and Light, Zane.