Love is our new reality

Mary Magdalene via Lea Chapin, April 18th

Mary Magdalene Weekly Call

Greetings, yes, it is I, Mary Magdalene. As I come into each of your energy fields, I ask that you hold the space of love for yourself. These times have been quite trying, and most difficult for many of you, and I want to send my love and condolences to each of you. Today I wish to send to you and bring to you the information regarding free will and passion, and how it is of human nature to force your own way. To forge your own free will, to allow the free will to control your pathway, and how at times that can be quite difficult and quite overbearing for you and many others. And so today I ask you to take a deep inhaling breath, and begin to breathe in the white light of God, breathing in the energy and essence of peace, breathing in the energy and essence of love, breathing in the energy and essence of joy. And as the Holy Mother is here, opening up your high heart and your merciful heart, and your tender heart, may we hold the space of love for each of you, as we begin to open up your passionate heart, for dearest children, you each have passion inside of you, and we begin to open up this peace of your high heart, which holds the passion within your being. So take a deep sacred breath, and begin to open the vessel of your high heart, breathing in this beautiful sacred energy of joy, and breathing in the sacred energy of mercy, and breathing in the sacred energy of light. And as we say, surround yourself with this beautiful frequency of the golden ray of the white light of God. As your beautiful sacred heart, your merciful heart, your passionate heart, your compassionate heart begin to open.

As God has given each of you free will, as you know, it has been used and misused by humanity throughout the ages. It is what has caused your disruption within the grid system of your earth plane. It has created the imbalance within the energy of Mother Earth. It is there within the grid system that dear Kryon is maintaining the energy frequency for Mother Earth to hold her balance. And yet each time each of you assert your free will, versus your compassionate and passionate heart, it creates a disturbance in the earth plane. It is that free will choice is not congruent to your passionate and compassionate heart. This may be news to each of you, but it is of truth. Each time you assert your free will over your passionate and compassionate heart, it creates a disturbance within the grid system, of the ley lines and the grid system, and the energy of Mother Earth. Can you imagine Mother Earth trying to rebalance and to recalibrate herself with all of the free will choices made by humanity in one moment, versus every twenty-four hour period of time? Can you imagine the energy that Mother Earth is holding within herself to balance the thought forms and free will choices that humanity is making every day? Not only individually but within corporations that are making decisions regarding the resources and the welfare of this planet.

I know we have not talked about this before, but the decision the oil companies have made to use fracking to bring forth oil upon the surface of this planet for mankind’s consumption, this free will decision by the oil companies and the big businesses, and your government, is affecting the planet more than you can imagine. Indeed it is creating an imbalance within the grid system, it is creating an imbalance in what we call the infrastructure of Mother Earth. It is as if there is an assault happening within her.

Each and every day as you make free will choices we ask that you make this choice, of your decision, with love, with Divine Union, with the energy of God, with all of creation, and especially with Mother Earth. As you know, your Native Americans brought forth their intention with spirit in prayer, and in sacred circle. And how these magnificent beings, your natives brought forth the sacred energy of honoring the Earth Mother. And how that decision long ago by the white man to destroy the Natives, their culture, and even we say, to rip out their heart, their compassionate and merciful heart to honoring Mother Earth. I’m not here to cause blame or any discomfort, but I’m letting you know the power of free will choice, versus merging your energy, the energy of your compassionate and merciful and passionate heart.

It is truly a reminder Dearest Children that you are on sacred ground, and that the Earth is sacred, and that you are sacred, and every decision that you make should be made from your passionate and merciful heart. How do I do this, you say? How do I make these decisions from my compassionate and merciful heart? You will truly move into a sacred moment and breathe. Calling forth the true and highest nature of your Divine Self, and there as your merciful and compassionate heart is opened, you will begin to feel the energy and the essence of the passion of your decision. Yeah, this resonates with me as truth. There as you begin to listen to your merciful and compassionate heart, what some may call your intuition or your soul’s essence, or your soul’s calling. Begin to listen deeply to these energies that are held inside your heart, what is your passionate and merciful heart telling you? What is it calling you to do? Can you surrender, can you truly surrender, letting go and letting God? Truly surrendering? Surrendering to the energy of joy, and passion, and the energy and essence of love. Be still, be still, be still and know that you are God. Be still, be still, be still, and know that you are God. Be still, be still, be still and know that you are God. Every decision that you make can be made from your own divinity. Yes, Dearest Children, you’ve been given a mental mind, you’ve been given free will choice. We ask that you temper this with love, and temper this with sacredness, even small decisions, to the biggest decisions, we ask you to look inside of your heart and feel the passion. It is how, Dearest Children, you are meant to operate, from your true spirit, from your true Divine Self.

And yet what has happened, is mankind’s free will choice has created, as we have said many times before, separation. Separation from your oneness, separation from your truth, separation from your Divinity, separation from the light that you are. But today we ask that you deepen this connection into your high heart, into your beautiful merciful heart, into your tender heart. So we ask that you love yourself enough to begin to listen and to breathe. What decisions dearest children are you making at this time from your free will? What decisions are you making at this time from your passionate heart? Can you count upon your fingers how many times you have not listened to your passionate heart? And those decisions that have caused you discomfort, this the barometer within yourself that helps you to navigate your life, along your spiritual pathway, the journey of life. This opportunity is who you truly are. This opportunity is the light that you are. This opportunity is the joy that you are. And so Dearest Children as you begin to feel this passionate side of you welling up, to not become disturbed by what you begin to feel that is incongruent with your free will choice.

But breathe and listen and let go and let God, to the best of your ability trust, surrender, allow, and receive. Trust, surrender, allow, and receive. I bring this to your attention because your lives, your journey, and the evolution of the planet is in need of each soul living from their passion and their high heart. This is the new energy of the new earth. This is the new way of operating. You have shifted out of the old world. And you’re operating from the heart center. You are no longer operating from the mental mind. As humanity has moved into the fifth dimensional frequency and beyond, humanity is being called forth to listen from the heart, to act from the heart, to feel from the heart. And so how you’ve been operating, and how humanity has been operating in the past will no longer work. This is why your government and its elected officials are having difficulty making decisions. It is why in your current election there is so much squabble. There needs to be change. Do the people really know what this means? Change comes from the heart. Change comes from listening to the still, quiet voice from within, what is that voice telling you?

Begin to operate from a place of passion. Not from fear, but from love. Operate from a place of passion. Not fear, but from love. Begin to open your heart to the essence and the presence of love. As you see, this planet was created in love, and the ley lines and the grid lines that Kryon had created for the peace grid, all of the grid system, was created in love. It was created with an understanding that everything is one. And what you do, and what you think and what you feel affects the whole. This has been said many many times, but it is truth. Every sentient being affects the whole. What you think, what you feel, what you do affects the whole. Your thought forms affect the balance of the planet. Your thought forms affects the gridlines of this planet. There are more beings than you can comprehend, that are trying to assist Mother Earth in holding the balance of this planet. There are very few earth changes. When this happens, and people see an earthquake, or a flood, or a fire, or a volcanic eruption, and they say “oh, dear,” can you imagine the magnificent beings that are trying to balance this energy of each person’s thought forms from their own free will choice? And now, these magnificent beings can only do so much. There will be more and more earth changes than you are having now, and this is hard for you to imagine. If these magnificent beings were not trying and are, to see and imagine the gridlines from your own free will choice and thought forms.

I know this is not a very pleasant conversation today but it is truth. Am I getting my point across? That every decision that you make affects the whole. We ask you to be mindful, to listen to your high heart, to listen to your passionate heart, to listen to your merciful heart. What is it telling you? As this planet is shifting into the energy of operating from the high heart, you see, Mother Earth is operating now from her own heart chakra. Throughout the ages the energy has shifted, just like your own chakra system. And now the planet is operating from the high heart, humanity is now to operate from the high heart. It is how the decisions will be made in your government, it is how you will make your own decisions in your personal life, and it is as you go into sacred union and sacred prayer, that you will operate from this place and point of oneness and knowingness, and security and balance. You see the planet has as they say, risen in the chakra system, and it is moving now into the high heart, it will move into the throat, the third eye, and the crown. And there will be peace upon this planet. But it is extremely important that all of humanity begin to operate from their passionate, merciful high heart. It is why we are bringing this to your attention upon this day. It is not something that people think about often, nor equate to. To the earth changes that are happening on this planet, and the earth changes that are happening upon the globe. So many people are shifting and living from their solar plexus, from their emotional center.

From a place of not being in control or being in control. And so Dearest Ones, we ask you to shift today from your emotional center into your high heart, from your own free will choice, from your own emotion, from your own base emotion, to living in that pure space of love, into the centeredness of your being. It is there you were created by the Great One, and there you shall remain, if you choose, living in this space of love. And allowing your vibration to move into your higher chakras, as you continue to ascend. And so breathe this energy up into your high heart. And know that today you have graduated, and the planet is moving and shifting with all of humanity, from this place of love. Again, I repeat, this is why you are seeing people, places, and things shifting and saying yes there needs to be change. They don’t know what it means, but the change is coming from the high heart, living not out of free will, but from the Divine. It is what the Native Americans did, they listened, they sat in sacred circle and called upon Great Spirit, the Earth Mother to guide them and to direct them. And this is what we are asking you to do, with every breath that you take, with every moment of your life, listen and feel, and love and rejoice that you are at One with the Sacred Earth Mother.

It is what we did when we went into Sacred Circle as Mother Mary taught us, the twelve female disciples were taught to sit in Sacred Circle with the Holy Mother and listen. It is what Jeshua and I would do when we went into the Cave of Creation, and we would call in our Creative Center, from the depths of our being, from our bones, the feet of our soles, the very cave of our own creation, the very creative energy of our life’s essence. And there we would become clear, what am I to do, what are we being called to do. This is the energy of the Divine Union that we speak of, and how we merged into Divine Union within ourselves, and with each other. So many seeking validation outside of themselves, seeking union with another soul. Trying, as they say, to find happiness, and completion, and passion. But truly, Dearest Children, that union is inside of yourself. That union is held within the essence of your being. So when you begin to listen to your high heart, your compassionate and merciful heart, it is there that you’ll union with yourself. And there the free will will fall away, to some degree. It has served its purpose, it’s been gifted to you. Surrender, let go and let God. Know that as you enter into this beautiful beautiful state of shifting, from your solar plexus into operating from your High Heart, what a relief that you will feel, no longer having to operate from my emotion. And now operate from true Divinity, from my true self.

And so Dearest One this is why we ask you to breathe Spirit into your heart, call in the energy of Mother Earth into your heart, grounding yourself into this energy of love, and there the two shall meet. Sacred Union, Divine Mother and Divine Father, into your High Heart. And there Dearest Children we bring this into fruition, with your intention, and it is there Dearest Children that Mother Earth can remain in balance, it is there that you can remain in balance.

Know that your time on this earth plane is filled with many decisions, but each day choose to operate from your High Heart. Whatever it might be, with integrity of your high heart. There has been plenty of greed upon this planet. Plenty of free will choice upon this planet that has caused destruction to this planet and its people. The Lemurian leader Adama, of the underground city of Telos is here, he will not speak, but he is here because he is very pleased that you are now beginning to understand how the Lemurians and the underground city of Telos operate. These are the future cities of light, this is the future generation, for your civilization to continue to live from the place of the High Heart, with every sentient being considering how it will affect the outcome of the whole.

This is why it is so important to return to Mt. Shasta, and to be in this energy once again. To feel the energy of wholeness and integration, and completion. For Adama is pleased that you are connecting and understanding this message, of returning back into balance. For the world has gone astray with this free will choice, completely and totally astray. And so we call you to listen, we call you to return to be with Adama, to balance yourself, so that you too can be of service to humanity and to Mother Earth in your integration process. And yes, Dearest Children, our planet is destined to be as such. You say it’s impossible, but if you go into the city of Telos and see the community of balanced and heart-centered beings, you would understand that it is possible, that it is also to be on the surface of this planet. It is why Jeshua the message of Divine Union, to be reawakened at this time. It is the message that we will bring forth in her book, and it will be complete. It’s a matter of time. Until the appointed hour when others can understand the message, and so you are what we call the first-wavers, the privileged ones. To understand the importance of living from the High Heart. And knowing that Mother Earth is now living and operating from this place as well. From the joy and remembrance that all sentient beings were created in love, that every soul is valuable, every soul. That all is sacred, and yes, Dearest Children, your individual free will choice regarding how you operate your life is sacred. Honor yourself. When you make a decision, are you honoring yourself? You, indeed, Dear Ones, have the right to say yes and the right to say no. And you have the right to say perhaps. Life is tough.

Dear One call forth this passionate and merciful heart of yours, and live from it, breathe from it, and union with it. It is what Jeshua and I brought forth in our teachings, and how the Holy Mother, when we were in Sacred Circle, would union with ourselves. This is the message of the day. I have no need to continue forth, I believe I’ve brought forth my message, but I say to you Dearest Children, if you need to understand how the planet is operating, please read and understand about the beautiful beings in Telos, and the underground city in Mt. Shasta. These magnificent beings are living in wholeness and union with themselves and with each other, and with all of Creation. This is how the planet and its people will live on the surface of Mother Earth, this is what and is a new Earth, and it is closer than you might imagine. It is closer than you might think. It begins with you, and it begins now. Go now my children in peace and understanding that all is in order and all is as it should be, and go in Divine Grace and Divine Love, and Divine Peace. And in this we thank thee, and so it is.

Channelled by : Lea Chapin

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