Love is our new reality

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Brenda’s Blog via Brenda Hoffman, April 22nd

Dear Ones,

You are now experiencing many changes within without knowing that such is happening. Perhaps you note changes in your food preparation or selection. Perhaps friends are shifting in or out of your life. Minor indicators of the tremendous volcanoes – and volcanoes is the correct word – happening within.

You have moved through many shifts since you began this transition eons ago. This shift, this volcano, if you will, is directly related to earth. For as earth shifts, you do also. Something discussed before as a preparation for now.

Maybe you are surprising yourself with new interests or actions. But then, maybe you have no indications that you are shifting in ways you have never shifted before while of earth or other places.

This shift formalizes the bond between you and earth in ways you cannot yet imagine.

Even though it is true that many of you have not yet created your earth dream, you will find it more and more difficult not to. For this is your time to strengthen ties to earth.

Many of you noted or celebrated earth day last week. That day, that concept was of much greater importance than you realize. For it is time for you to fully claim and love yourself. And so it is that loving earth is loving yourself.

Know that those of you who take great joy in your ties to other planets and places are correct in doing so – to a certain extent. A bit like feeling a great fondness for a hometown you elected to leave decades ago.

You are not of the Pleiades, Sirius or any place other than earth. Even though you may hold fond memories or even wish to return to certain places, such is true as a visitor. So it is you will find earth more and more important to you as you love yourself more.

Think in terms of visiting other planets or dimensions as similar to vacationing on earth with a need to return home – whatever the term home means to you.

As you continue to grow in your self-love and therefore, love of other earth entities, you will discover – with perhaps not a little surprise – that earth is your home now. It is only of earth that you can create truly loving memories. Even though you might travel to other places and form bonds with entities in those places, your heart will flower most on earth.

Not because the earth is the best place or even a better place. It is just your place.

You require a stable base for all you are ready to explore.

Have you ever moved to a new neighborhood or community and felt lonely despite many activities in which to participate? So it will be for you if you do not allow yourself to establish a firm earth base.

There is nothing you need to do to establish these earth ties. Your earth ties will happen automatically – most commonly during this recent shift. We are merely explaining some of the feelings, moods, physical needs and emotional shifts you will be noticing if you have not already. A need to explore and feel earth as a new-found friend.

Many of you have spent months or even years patiently waiting to explore other frequencies and dimensions. And so you are during your night dreams and day excursions. What you did not anticipate is that earth would shift in ways that would call you back as your home base. The two of you are indeed one.

Your first thought during this transition was perhaps that other places would be more glamorous or more to your liking. In your future lives, in different places, such will be true. But in this life, in this time, earth is your home base.

So it is you are determining that you and earth are one. And you will make that decision over and over again as you and the earth shift. Almost as if the two of you are growing up together. Do you remember that at times your lifelong friends may have seemed boring, not sharing your interests – until they did once again as  the two of you meandered in and out of various growth stages. So it is for you and earth now.

There will be times when you are a bit more knowledgeable or adventuresome than earth The reverse will also be true. But know deep within that you and earth are the stars of your show.

Could you live without earth? Easily – you have done so on many occasions. But your project, if you will, includes partnering with earth in all its glory as both of you expand beyond 3D. It is a joint project. Because you created earth, you are both a participant observer and partner in this earth project.

In the future, you might partner with other entities and planets – similar to everyone taking the same class – but that is not an important piece for you now. For that is a possibility, but not necessarily a probability.

You created this earth playground. You are of the earth. So the two of you are expanding, shifting, changing together. It just happens that this current shift is more earth based than self-based as most of your other shifts have been.

What does that mean for your earth dream creation? What do you want it to mean? As you combine forces and love with the earth, yourself and others, perhaps you are discovering that your first earth dream is evolving – perhaps not. It does not matter. Just know deep within your being that you can create your earth dream whenever you want. For indeed, you have moved far beyond the point of begging others for help. You are a dynamic creator. You even created earth.

If such is true, and it is, how simple for you to go outside your being to create your dream. Meaning, it is time to love yourself enough to know you can create anything you wish when you wish.

You have always had your ruby slippers to click together as did Dorothy in The Wizard of OZ. But your ruby slippers were not functional until you learned to love yourself enough to believe you had ruby slippers. Such is part of the shift earth is helping you with now. Believe in yourself. Believe in your earth creation and all will fall into place easily and effortlessly.

That last thought makes many of you angry. “I have not created any part of my dream and I never will.” And so you will not. Creation is all about love. Love of yourself. Love of your creations – most notably for this phase – earth. And so it is. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her Blog and Subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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