Love is our new reality

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Mary Magdalene via Lea Chapin, December 4th, 2017

Greetings, my beloveds, yes, it is I, Mary Magdalene. My beloved Yeshua is here as well. We wish to say to you, Dear Ones, that the vibration of peace is being emitted upon your Earth plane at such magnificent force that we are asking each of you to open up your sacred hearts and to begin to feel this vibration within your physicality and within your mental and emotional bodies. And so, please allow my beloved Yeshua to bring his words of wisdom forward as the vibration of peace is now being infused into your sacred heart.

Dear One, yes, it is I, Yeshua. I come to you at this time to express my love for each of you and my devotion onto each of your souls. It is of great importance, Dear Children, that you begin to open up your sacred heart, your compassionate heart, and your loving heart. Opening the pathway for peace to prevail in your own lives, and bringing peace into your heart so that all that no longer serves you of any discordant energy begins to heal that which troubles you. And so, today, as I come forward as the prince of peace, I ask each of you to open your vessel to the vibration and the healing that is so needed not only on this planet but in all aspects of this universe, and this galaxy, and this solar system. So much energy is being infused upon your planet, and you may begin to feel it, feel it in your heart, feel it within your soul, feel it within the essence of your being. And so, please take a deep inhaling breath, and begin to breathe in the vibration of peace that is now being emitted into the ethers, through the atmosphere, as if it is like particles of fairy dust that are now floating through the air. May peace embody your essence at all levels, may peace embody your essence at all levels, may peace embody your essence. And allow yourself to feel this powerful frequency of joy within your heart, that you have come to yourself once again, that you have come home to yourself once again.

Breathe in the essence of love, and breathe in the essence of peace, and breathe in the essence of tranquility. Breathing in the light and the love and the joy. And so, Dearest Ones, understand at this time that you have agreed to come to this planet to be peacemakers and way showers of light, and it is of extreme importance that you hold as much peace, as you hold the vibration in your vessel. Holding this frequency so that you may shine the light and draw to you all energies that are of the highest good for your own soul. Can you now begin to feel this vibration of peace emanating into every cell, every fiber, every pore of your being? And like a magnetic frequency, you are now ricocheting and bringing this energy back out from your vessel, through your auric field, out into the universe. Can you begin to feel yourself as a shining star, so bright and brilliant that your peaceful essence is seen and felt and recognized by all who come into your presence, and make contact with you? Know, at this time, that this vibration, the vibration of peace, holds a powerful frequency. And so, we ask you to embody this, and if you so shall, begin to read or listen to my lesson of peace in the 12 Mastery Teachings of Christ that I have brought forth for all of you to receive. And so, please take a deep, inhaling breath and begin to embody this frequency not only at this time of your holidays, and this season of celebrating my birth, but hold it in your physicality, it will keep you strong physically, mentally, and energetically. Breathe this in, breathe this in, breathe this in, it will keep you strong, physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. Breathe this in, breathe this in, breathe this in.

Hold the vibration into your very essence as you radiate the frequency of the beautiful, diamond, sparkling light particles that are now being infused into your system. Again, Dearest Children, peace is your birthright, please open up your sacred heart, your compassionate heart, and bring the peace and these diamond sparkling particles into your heart. Allow everything that does not serve you to begin to fall away. Allow everything that does not serve you to fall away. Allow any anger or loneliness or sadness or fear to begin to fall away. Begin to allow any energy that is not of the highest vibration to simply fall away. Imagine that the particles and the diamond light frequencies are the vibration of peace, begin to meld all frequencies that are disharmonic within you, and so begin to feel the energy of peace beginning to meld all energies that are not of love, that are not of peace, that are not of harmony, that are not of joy. Begin to release these frequencies in your system, release them, release them, release them. Know, at this time, Dearest Children of the light, that you are beautiful children, and that you are to stand in your beauty, to stand in your brilliance, to stand in your magnificence, and to feel the essence of the truth of who you are. You are a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful child of God, and you are to sparkle and you are to shine, and it is time to simply believe and to trust that you are a Divine spirit, a Divine child of the God essence. Can you feel the diamond light particles of peace emanating and healing and illuminating as you glow, as you begin to sparkle as the beautiful diamond that you are, bringing in the essence of love, bringing in the essence of peace, breathing in the essence of tranquility, and breathing in the essence of joy? Breathe, my children, breathe. Breathing in the essence of peace, breathing in the essence of love, breathing in the essence of light. And so, Dear Ones, allow yourself to open up the chamber within your heart that we call your sacred heart. There is indeed what we call a secret chamber within your heart, a place within your own heart chakra that holds the key to happiness. Perhaps you’ve never heard of this before, but there is a secret chamber within your heart chakra that holds the key to happiness.

Allow this to unlock, allow us to open the door, allow us to help you to unlock the heart chakra that has been closed out of fear, out of loss, out of loneliness, out of despair. And so, I ask you now, Dearest Ones, to breathe this in, breathe in the opening and the passageway to your divine birthright of peace. Can you feel your heart chakra opening and unlocking the heart chakra that has been closed? Closed, perhaps, from all of your emotional pain from this lifetime and all other lifetimes and dimensions and frequencies. Can you allow your heart to open to peace, and to feel the sacred heart of mercy opening, so that you are a vessel, you are a creator god, holding the essence and presence of peace, again, Dearest Ones, you are like a shining star, and your light and your frequency is ricocheting onto the world. This is so needed during your troubled times upon this Earth. We do not wish to get into all the troubles, but as you know them, there are many who are not at peace, and the world is not at peace, and Mother Earth is crying out for your help, and so please allow yourself to open up your heart chakra, to open up that secret, sacred chamber that now holds the key for your happiness, for you to be at peace, for you to be at balance, for you to be at harmony with yourself, to be comfortable within your own skin. And so, allow this energy, feel this energy and this presence, of the Living Light of God inside of your being. Allow yourself to feel this energy and presence of the Living Light of God within your being. And so, Dear Ones, take a deep, inhaling breath and breathe. Breathe in the vibration of peace. I will step aside and allow my mother to speak at this time, and then I shall return.

Dear One, it is I, Mother Mary. I come to you at this time as I stand before you, opening up your Sacred Heart, your compassionate heart, your merciful heart with compassion. Please allow my son to help you, to open up the chamber so that you may feel at peace, and hold compassion for yourself. We know that this lifetime and all lifetimes from the inception of your soul journey have not always been easy. But we say to you, Dearest Ones, how important it is to honor yourself, to hold compassion for yourself, to give thanks to yourself. Be grateful for your life, be grateful for all the experiences and do not allow your heart to ever close off again. As my son has come to show you and to open up the sacred passageway of the sacred heart that lives inside of you. Please do not allow yourself to be closed off again, it is a new beginning, it is a new day, it is a new opportunity for all of you. It is today to live from an open and loving heart, loving all souls including yourself, holding compassion for yourself and all of life, holding compassion for Mother Earth, holding compassion for all those who are not in balance. And who are confused and are not living from their beautiful sacred merciful heart. Please pray that they open up their own heart chakras, just as you are being gifted this gift today, the secret passageway of your heart chakra, the chamber of your sacred heart is being opened. Living from heart warmth, living from compassion, living from the understanding that you are truly a divine child of God, serving and being served in the living light, and being free. And so, know, at this time, how important it is to live your life in the sacred energy of Divine, holy grace. Living your life in Divine, sacred energy, of Divine Holy Grace. And so, breathe in this essence and this frequency, of what we call renewal. You are renewing the essence of the truth of your being. Renewing your beautiful spirit, renewing your soul, renewing the aspects that live inside of you, and yes, we call them aspects, for there are many aspects to you, your essence selves. And so, today, we come to bring you this healing of your aspects, of the essence of you, meaning the totality of all that you’ve ever been, and all that you will be. You see, Dearest One, you have had many lifetimes and many aspects that have not been balanced and been in harmony. I do not wish to confuse you, but what I’m trying to say, is that all that you’ve ever been, though all lifetimes, and all dimensional time and space, hold aspects and essence energy, and what I am saying you today is that we are integrating these aspects, these essence selves, into balance, into harmony, into the sacred heart.

As if everything you’ve ever been is now being balanced and harmonized, you are coming into balance with yourself, you can now live fully from the heart, what a beautiful gift that you are receiving today. Everything that you’ve ever been is now being integrated into the sacred heart of mercy and compassion. The sacred chamber of your heart is welcoming you back home again, welcoming your essence, and all your aspects. You are coming home to yourself, you are coming home to yourself, you are coming home to yourself. And so, Dear Ones, can you feel it, can you feel it, can you sense this energy? Opening up the chambers within your heart, opening up the chambers within your heart. Integrating this energy into your heart chakra. And now, as my son infuses the energy of peace into you, into your sacred heart, there is no longer any discordant energy that is affecting you or causing you any pain or discomfort, as if all the lifetimes you’ve ever lived are now returning back to synchronicity, the synchronicity of being in harmony, being in balance, being in union, being reconciled into your pure, perfected state of your beautiful spirit. And so, Dear Ones, allow yourself to hold this energy and this awakening.

We ask you to begin to consider and ponder very seriously what it looks like to be in your perfected state. To be balanced and harmonic, and to be at peace. We are gifting you with this energy today, it is now up to you to stand in the vibration, what does it look like to you? How do you behave? How do you act? How do you carry yourself in the world? What does this mean for you from this moment forth? How will you change your habits and your thought forms? And so, Dearest Ones, know that on this day you’ve been given this beautiful, beautiful gift of healing. The powerful vibration of peace that is now being emitted onto the Earth can now be received inside of you. My son has gifted you this beautiful gift, and all of the galactic brothers and sisters and the Great Creator are flooding this planet and all souls with peace. And all those who read this or hear this, or experience this healing in this moment have a choice to live in peace for the rest of their incarnation and throughout eternity. And so, Dearest Children, hold your light so brightly that there is never a question that you are a child of peace. Yes, Dearest Children, as my son is called the Prince of Peace, you are all his children. You are all the peace makers and the messengers of hope and renewal. So now, as you accept this within your heart, allow it to come forward into your essence, through your behavior, through your energy field, through your aura, drawing to you everything in your life that is of peace, harmonic relationships and harmonic frequencies that are of the highest vibration of peace and love. And so, Dear One, can you feel your sacred heart opening, and your merciful heart opening, the chambers of your sacred heart opening?

Today, the vibration of the eleven, of your month of November vibrates to the frequency of peace. And you see, Dearest Ones, we will come together again on another 11, December 11, another powerful portal and opening of peace. And so, Dearest Children, realize at this time, that as you’re opening your heart to this connection, you are holding the vibration of Divine Union within yourself. You are a portal of peace, you are a portal of peace, you are a portal of peace. Today, Dearest Children, we ask you to hold this frequency so closely, in the essence of your being, that you feel it palpitating from your heart. Can you feel the peace and the love now opening and vibrating from your Sacred Heart? Holding compassion for yourself, peace for yourself. Everything that you do, every decision that you make is to be about peace. You are holding the frequency of peace so strongly within your essence that nothing or no one can shift this vibration from you. This is a strong statement, but no one or nothing can shift this vibration of peace from you. Take the time, Dearest Ones, to consider the power that this statement holds. Do you choose to claim it and to embody it and to not allow yourself to be affected by another’s behavior? Can you choose to hold peace within your system, that regardless of what happens around you, you choose peace and love over anger and violence and negativity?

And so, Dear Ones, know, at this time, that you hold the answers inside of the secret chamber of your heart. You have the answers to all that troubles you. The answers are simple, Dearest One, choose peace, choose peace, choose peace. And you see, your beautiful heart is open. And we see that you are receiving it. And we are grateful, and we are thankful. I will allow my son to speak, and I thank you for your time, and I thank you for your attention. I thank you for allowing me to assist you in opening your compassionate and sacred heart, so that you may live in the truth of who you truly are as a Divine Child of God living in your pure divinity and beautiful essence of God’s love.

Dear Ones, yes, it is I, Christ. Yeshua, Jesus, Lord Sananda. I am known by many names, but I come to you today as the Prince of Peace. And I come to you with my open and compassionate and merciful heart, and I stand before each of you, and I infuse my energy into your heart. I’m sending you this powerful vibration of peace so that your mind will be at peace, your body will be at peace, all aspects of your beings will be at peace. That you may be peace with yourself, and so, Dearest One, it is my gift to you, it is my gift to each of you in this day of celebration, as Lea celebrates her birthday, we give her this gift and so we gift it all to you as well. You all are receiving this powerful gift of peace and healing and how important it is to truly welcome this into your vibration, and as you walk this Earth plane, you will never feel alone and you will feel the presence of the Living God inside of you, because you will feel this connection to Oneness, and to Divine Love and Divine Grace that is your birthright, and is your connection to the Great Creator. My Mother and I have opened up the sacred chamber of your sacred heart, and when you see those pictures of us with our sacred hearts, please remember the gift that we gave you today. Again, it is the choice to live from peace. No more struggle, no more strife, no more disharmonic energies. Hold these frequencies as closely and as dearly to you as you possibly can, and remember we love you, and we celebrate with you during this time of the holiday season, and through all of the time throughout the year and beyond, not only in this holiday season, but we continue to surround you and support you with the vibration of peace. Again, Dearest Children, it is flooding your planet at a very rapid rate. So much energy is being infused upon this planet, and you, Dearest Ones, are opening up the floodgates for others to witness and to feel and to sense and to be drawn to your vibration.

This is an extremely important time, and you may not understand fully all that is being gifted to the Earth plane, but know that we are assisting this planet for it is in dire need. And you will begin to see so many people change and open their hearts to each other in the beautiful state of Grace, as Divine children of God, as they’ve opened up the portal of peace, into the sacred heart, the merciful heart, deep within the chamber of their own heart chakra. And so, Dearest Ones, accept our gift today, our mother and I, we will come again. As always, we thank you for your time, we thank you for your attention, we thank you for your willingness to serve, and for holding the Living Light of God in the essence of your being.

And so, now know, my children, that my Mother and I stand with you, and my Mary stands with you as well, and we are walking with you and opening up the chamber of your heart until you are able to feel this fully within your being. But we ask you to consider this and to understand that it has been done and all you have to do is receive. Go forward now with our gift, and the celebration of the energy of peace that is now being gifted to you and to this planet and to all souls. Go forward as the Living Light of God and allow your spirit to shine and be the change you wish to see, the beautiful light that shines so brightly upon this Earth plane, for you are the star and the stars that shine so brightly to guide others. And you are opening up the way so that they may follow and feel the energy of peace in their own lives and allowing themselves to rest in the arms of God, being comforted by their own souls. We thank you, and we know, at this time, that each of you have opened your heart and we are so grateful. Go in peace.