Love is our new reality

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Mary Magdalene via Lea Chapin, September 8th, 2017

Greetings my beloveds, yes, it is I, Mary Magdalene. As I come into your energy fields, Dear Ones, I see a bit of fear and trepidation, but I ask you to release this energy from your hearts, for it is not necessary. I have come to explain today the energy of the major eclipses that have taken place upon your planet most recently, and I am asking you to consider, Dearest Ones, seeing things a bit differently. The energy upon this planet as you know is in need of tremendous shifting and balance, and the powerful eclipses have brought this energy of recalibration and of balance back onto the planet.

This is of great significance, Dear Ones, for as you know, Jeshua and I in our love story, in our book Divine Union, our primary mission was to bring the balance and to bring the love and the peace so that this planet and all of humanity could return back to their original state of Oneness. Our book, as you know, is a portal, it is a portal for balance to be received upon this planet. This is significant, that the eclipses and the timing of the release of our book in the last several months has coordinated and coincided with these eclipses. It is of great importance to understand, Dearest Children, that as Jeshua and I left our imprints and our energy here for all of you to return back to balance, these major eclipses, and the energy of the light codes that are being infused upon this planet, are in direct alignment with all of the frequencies that Jeshua and I brought forth to help assist Mother Earth.

And so, Dearest Children, understand at this time that everything is in alignment, including the massive hurricane that has created great havoc over Texas and the surrounding areas. It is extremely unfortunate that lives have been lost and damage has occurred, and yet this powerful energy of balance is needed not only in that particular region, but it is also for all souls to re-remember what is important to them. To re-prioritize the importance of family, faith, and friends. Family, faith, and friends. You see, Dear One, your current civilization has reached a critical point where balance is needed in order for your current civilization to continue to thrive and to survive. So many individuals have received the message over and over and over again, to return to balance, to find the quiet still point from within. And to begin to turn within, but people tend to not want to listen. They tend to turn their heads and not be aware of their own actions and their own reactions that is causing great disturbance upon this Earth plane. What I am trying to say is: I’m asking each of you to return to balance to find peace within your lives. To find the place inside of yourself where you are finding self-love and peace. This is the premise of our book, Divine Union, that Jeshua and I struggled through our own individual angst in order to find peace inside of ourselves, and there we could hold the template and the energy so that humanity could return to peace.

We are asking you at this time, to hold this frequency of balance and peace within yourself. It is why so many people are struggling now with their own emotions, and why so much has been topsy-turvy. It is why everything seems to be chaotic, and yes, people are shifting out of relationships, people are being moved out of certain locations, people are leaving their old ways behind, for the energy of peace and balance is truly necessary to be brought forth not only onto this planet, but in all sentient beings. As you know, the beloved beings in Telos, the Lemurians, live in peace and balance and harmony. And, Dear One, this is achievable for your current civilization. This is achievable for every soul that chooses to return to balance. It is of utmost importance, Dearest One, that you hold vigil, first for yourself, and then for this planet. The beautiful planet of Venus, the power of love, is emitting her energy upon this planet at this time. This powerful frequency from the Goddess Venus, the beautiful planet of love, is emitting these frequencies so that the planet can return to love more powerfully than you can understand. It may be difficult for you to realize that there are many unseen forces that are helping you and your planet to return to balance. Jeshua and I happen to be the messengers, as we’ve left our imprints in our energetic forms for all of you to step into. And so many beings of light are assisting this planet, so many beings of light are helping Mother Gaea to return back to balance. And so now, Dearest Children, understand at this time that those who have been affected by your recent hurricane, those who have been affected by natural disasters, those who have been affected by what we call the imbalance, the chaos, of other peoples’ imbalanced energies are now being shrouded with love, tremendous, tremendous love. Begin to feel this vibration of love from the beautiful planet of Venus as she is sending all of her energy to each of you.

This may seem like a very difficult time, and it may seem like your world is coming to an end, but know, Dear One, this is a new beginning. Your lives are just beginning and starting anew. Open your heart to this beautiful frequency of love, open your heart to the frequency of the Goddess Venus, feel the power of her love upon your soul. And feel the intensity of this love as it begins to fill every cell, every fiber, every pore of your being with love. Tremendous love, filling every cell of your being with love. Know at this time, Dearest Children, that the heart of Mother Earth is calling you to step forward and to return to balance with her. Mother Earth is calling you to return to balance and to return to a place of what you call freedom, where you no longer have energies that are affecting you from the external forces that are surrounding you. Please imagine that you are in the center of Mother Earth, into the very crystalline core of Mother Earth with Mother Gaea. Can you feel her protective shield around you, so that you may return to balance? What is happening, Mother Venus, Goddess Venus, is sending her love directly to all souls, and yes, this energy is being infused into Mother Earth. It is as if there are rings and rings of energetic fields of love that are being flooded to this planet and to the very core of Mother Earth. As you step into the inner circle, the inner core of Mother Earth, begin to feel that you are surrounded by this frequency. The power of love, peace, tranquility, harmony, balance, joy. Joy to the world, joy to the world. Feel this balance inside of yourself as it begins to be emitted from your being. At this time within your life, Dearest Ones, we ask that you center and call forth the energy of peace, calling forth the mantra, I am peace, I am peace, I am peace. I am love, I am love, I am love. I am joy, I am joy, I am joy. Peace, love, and joy, these are the frequencies that are being emitted on your planet now, with the flooding of the new light codes upon your Earth. As each of you are being recalibrated and each of you are being rebalanced, it is of great importance, Dearest Ones, that you call in these frequencies, for you are now clearing out the old frequencies and the old energies that no longer serve you. All energies that do not serve you are to be released and to be cleared, even if you do not understand what is not serving you, we ask that you release and clear all frequencies that no longer serve you. This is a time of leaving the old paradigm, old beliefs, old habits, old energies, old fears, so that you can stand forward in your power and be fearless, and to call in the energy of

Feel the essence of peace upon your soul and know at this time in your life that all energies that are stepping forward are truly for the highest good of all humanity. The new light codes and the frequencies that are being emitted are now bringing a powerful frequency upon this Earth plane that has flooded this planet, just as you see the light codes emerging onto this Earth plane. Perhaps you’re able to see these frequencies with your third eye. Perhaps you’re able to see the geometric frequencies and geometric symbols, the light that is being flooded onto this Earth plane. These tremendous frequencies are the preparation for a new Earth. This is the new Earth, this is the preparation, Dearest Children, for the new Earth. This is the preparation for all to live in balance, harmony, and peace. What you have been told many times before is that this is the end of a cycle, and yes, at the end of each cycle, unfortunately, there is chaos and disharmonic energies that need to be cleared. And so, this is what you are experiencing on your Earth plane, all of the accumulation of the disharmonic energies that have been built upon in the collective consciousness of this planet. And so, you see, this is the discharge of energies that are now being cleared not only by what you see in the Earth changes and in the hurricane, but you are also seeing these new light codes coming in, and they are breaking up these patterns of energy, and peace, love, and joy are now replacing the disharmonic energies. You’ll begin to see a reprieve in your months of September and October, into the first of the year. You will see this in this month that there is a calming and a sense of peace that is overcoming this planet. If you are attuned to these frequencies, you will begin to feel them. And so, don’t be frightened, but realize at this time that there is much that is shifting and changing that is for the highest good of all concerned. Please at this time, I ask you to take a deep, inhaling breath. I ask you to breathe in these frequencies of peace, love, and joy. Breathe in these frequencies of peace, love, and joy, calling in the beautiful light codes that are emerging upon your planet. Yes, Dearest Ones, peace, love, and joy will clear and heal all discordant energies, including the energies that have been encoded within you from the inception of time.

The force fields that are surrounding this Earth plane are now being restructured and are filled with love. Your beautiful Mother Earth can now rejuvenate herself. Perhaps you have seen many of the trees that are choosing to transition and no longer be on this Earth plane. Perhaps you are seeing the species that are becoming extinct or nearly extinct. There are many energies that are choosing not to remain in the old frequencies here on the Earth. And so, Dearest Ones, this is a time of rebirth. This is a time of choosing pure love, balance, and peace. First for yourself, and then for this planet. Hold the light as dearly and as closely to your heart as possible, for as you breathe in these frequencies, your body will begin to adjust, and the recalibration within your own physical being and in your own DNA will begin to shift. Yes, Dearest Ones, your own DNA will begin to be altered by these light codes and you will begin to be able to hold a template of pure light in your etheric field, and you’ll be able to bring this light into your physicality, into your consciousness, in through your emotions. And there, Dearest One, you will hold the power of love into your being. Radiant, powerful love that is emitting through every cell, every particle. And in your electromagnetic field, you are drawing to you the people, the places, the things that will support you, that are of love. The people, the places, the things that will support you, that are of love. And so, Dear Ones, see yourself as a magnet, that you are drawing to you only that which is for your highest good, this is a powerful time of manifestation, that which you think you shall reap. That which you wish to bring forth you will sow. This is a new paradigm of energy, yes the old structures are being broken up, everything is being dissolved for your highest good. You may see that it is the end of the old making way for the new, but do not be frightened. For you have stepped into this journey and you’ve chosen to step forward and ride the wave, as they say. You’ve chosen to go through this paradigm shift to assist Mother Earth, your frequency is bringing the balance back to the Earth Mother, it is partially why you feel the emotional roller coaster, you are helping Mother Earth to rebalance herself.

And as you rebalance herself, then you are able to rebalance yourself. Remember, Dearest Ones, you are the anchors for Mother Earth, and what Mother Earth feels you feel. What you feel, she feels. And so, Dearest Ones, it has been most difficult, but I promise that it will soon subside, and by the end of your year, there will be great happiness and great joy, and your emotions will continue to level off and subside. Please hold vigil to the peace mantras that I have brought to you, I am peace, I am love, I am joy. There is power as you speak these words. I am peace, I am love, I am joy. There is power in your words, Dearest Children. Do not allow any energy to consume you that is not of the highest light and the highest frequency. Every soul is making the choice to return to peace and regardless of what you understand, you have chosen in this exact moment to experience and to live in these most powerful times. You’ve chosen to be the anchors and to bring the light to the world. The multitudes who have left are holding the energy from the other side, and so thank them, including your friend Mahri. She is holding the light from the other side for all of you. Please accept this gift from your dear friend as she is holding this frequency for all of you. She wishes for each of you to understand that the light that is being infused upon this planet at this time is filled with great illumination and joy. And so realize, Dearest Children, that as you call these frequencies into your system you may receive them with the intention in which they were given.

Many of you are feeling dizzy and off center and off balance. This, Dearest Children, is aligned to the core and to the axis of the Earth Mother. The Earth Mother has been feeling off-balance and is spinning like a top to recalibrate her frequency, to keep the polar axis of both north and south in direct alignment. You see, Dearest Ones, everything is being affected by these frequencies. Even Mother Earth in her full power, in her full glory is having difficulty maintaining her own balance. And so, Dearest One, this is why so many galactic beings and the planet Venus are stepping forward, sending their powerful energy of love to the Earth. Love will heal all, this is truth. Love will heal all, this is truth. Love will heal all. And so, don’t be frightened, Dearest Children, when you see the changes that are happening around the globe or in your individual lives. Return to center, return to balance, return to love. Everything will fall into place. Trust, and you shall receive. Believe, and so shall you receive. It is time to let go of the old and to truly make way for the new. All of you will have major shifts that will be occurring that will allow you to move forward into the next leg of your journey. This is very important, because each of you will step into the process of moving into a new direction. And your lives will take a new turn and a new twist. This is the recalibration that is occurring now. And so, Dearest Ones, understand at this time that as you open your heart to receive these beautiful gifts that are all occurring for you, please accept them, please acknowledge them, please be aware that all of the changes that have been occurring are happening for purpose and good. Many who have been affected will find that their lives will begin to unfold even greater than what they could understand or expect. And so, surrender, trust, allow, and receive, like the stars that you are. Surrender, trust, allow, and receive, like the beautiful stars that you

It is of grave importance, Dearest Children, that you honor this moment in time. Surrender, trust, allow, and receive. For you see, Dearest Ones, so much is being offered to you. Just as Jeshua and I went through our own struggles, we stand with you while this powerful new frequency brings a new Earth. You, Dearest Children, are the new Earth beings, and you are here living and operating from a new frequency. And your own DNA, as we have said before, is causing the shift inside of yourself to merge out of the old, it is as if you are so uncomfortable inside of yourself that you are ready to burst. So many are feeling this pressure inside of themselves, you see, Dearest Ones, you are being rebirthed. Just as Mother Earth is being rebirthed, you are being rebirthed as a new Earth being. This is of grave importance that you are going through the birthing process. This is perhaps the most uncomfortable time that you’ve ever felt, but realize that you are going through a major rebirth, and this is of great significance, that as you honor this time period, you are living in the vibration and the frequency of this new Earth. Know, Dearest Children, the importance of living and breathing and being a part of this new Earth. This is a gift from God, because you have chosen this, and you have chosen to be here by Divine appointment. Do not begrudge your life, do not begrudge any aspect of what you are experiencing, because you are here holding the light for this beautiful planet, and so know, Dearest Children, that you are now coming full circle and everything that you are doing is of great significance. From what you do each day, that which you call the mundane, to that which you feel is of great importance, please honor each aspect of your life as important, as you are anchoring these frequencies for the new Earth to emerge.

So, Dear One, understand at this time that the heart of the mother is receiving the balance that is so needed to prevail. And each of you, as you have been struggling, are finding the gift so that you can return to peace, to be at peace, and to center your heart into the love and joy that is so needed upon this planet. Breathe in the frequencies of peace, love, and joy, breathing in the vibration, I am peace, I am love, I am joy, and allowing your heart to be filled with this essence. Now that your physical body is being readjusted, as we say, to these new light codes, your physical body will return back to center and balance. The dizziness will begin to subside, and your emotions will begin to return to a level of peace and calmness, and the anxiety that you may be feeling, or the depression that you may be feeling, or the energies of being unsettled, or off-kilter, or feeling insecure, will now begin to subside. And so now, Dearest Ones, center your heart and fill your heart with joy as you return back to balance. It is that which Jeshua and I were blessed to receive as we went through this same readjustment individually. Before, during, and after Jeshua’s crucifixion so that we could find peace within ourselves and find a level of understand of what we were to bring forward, walking in our footsteps, bringing forth peace, and surrendering to the love is of utmost importance. Be the way showers and the messengers so others can follow into your footprints as well. As you step forward, accept this gift, that you have returned back home, and you have re-centered yourself, and you have brought this balance full circle. You’ve brought the beautiful energy as the spirit, onto the Earth, and you’ve now come home again. You see this is a part of your mission, Dearest Children. You have come full circle bringing peace, love, and balance to this planet, you’ve agreed to step forward and to do the work that you’ve been called to do so many eons ago at the Great Conclave when you chose to be an Earth volunteer. And now, you are physically new Earth children, and you are holding the Earth body. And now, Dearest Children, walk in the presence of the Living Light of God as the beautiful child that you are. Step forward into grace, and return to peace. We thank you for your time, we thank you for your attention, we thank you for the greatest gift of life. And so, prepare yourself to receive, prepare yourself to receive, prepare yourself to receive. Go now in peace, and go forward into the Living Light of God.

Mary Magdalene!


» Source – Channel: Lea Chapin