Love is our new reality

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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, September 9th, 2017

Judas Iscariot

Saturday, September 9th, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Judas Iscariot and I know there are many doubters on our Earth, at the same time as there are many believers and then I do not mean only those that are tied to some kind of church. There are many spiritual believers today where some of them belong to a church, but they are led by a belief in their hearts. They go to church mostly for the appearances, but secretly they are wise in their own belief and follow the voice of their heart. It will be easier to follow one’s own belief and one’s heart. One will be able to follow that path that one’s heart is whispering to us to follow without having society pointing a finger. There are good and bad things with religions. If you focus on the love that exists in all religions it is good. If you focus on the fear and judgment that many harbor today it is not so good. Fear is a means for leading and it is always followed by a judgment. In the era that we now enter we will let go of fears and judgments. You are all equals to God and you are creating the wonders that now are growing inside you. God is only love and light and inside yourself you can find the essence of light and love that you were created from. It is this light that is growing stronger day by day. It is this light that has reached Earth and reminds you who of you really are. You are Gods creations and you cannot be other than perfect and full of love.

The era of light is here now and gains more and more a hold on your Earth and in your hearts. It is a wonderful time, a time to celebrate and a time to go more inside your selves in order to find all the treasures, which reside there. You all carry treasures that now soon will open to full bloom. I am so grateful for everything that I see happening on our Earth today. It has turned dear Earthlings. Heaven has turned everything to your advantage and you will soon enjoy your freedom and ability to live the life that you always have longed for. Mother Earth is throwing off what is most negative and looks forward to all the technology that will cleanse her water and soil. Life will yet again spire in the most fantastic way. Animals and plants that have disappeared will come back like a miracle. There are many hideouts on Mother Earth and she has always shielded the life that she has created.

Your new era has started and wonderful times lay in store for you dear children on Earth. The treasure vault has opened up and will now be distributed to the people so that everybody will be able to enjoy their lives without worries and fears. You have succeeded dear Earthlings so work now for everybody’s best, and it is this that the abundance is all about. It is about love for your fellow man and woman, wherever this fellow human being lives on Earth, regardless of color or religion that he/she belongs to. You are all loved and created by God and it is the plurality that counts. A rich and powerful diversity exists on Earth. Take good care of each other now and give everybody that which they need. You are all guided from the heart so listen carefully to your inner voice and everything will go well with what you intend to do. The good you do will quickly yield results and spread in the world, as the light is with you dear children on Earth. The light comes with you now and guides you on your path now. In the light you can find all your guides and leaders and prepare the way for you now. In the light of your heart there is no fear and no judgment. Everything is love and goodness. You see the good in people even when they themselves cannot see it. Follow your intuition and let your heart lead you to do the right things. Then the whole world will soon be a better place to live in for everybody that right now lives on it. This is something that I can see clearly today – a world of light with many happy and joyous people who harmonize together with a rich nature and animal life.

I leave you now with much joy in my heart.





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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