Love is our new reality

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Mary Magdalene via Ray Dawn, December 28th

Hello to each of you beautiful beings!
It is I, Mary Magdalene/Lady Nada and Jeshua/Sananda to speak to you.

We are here to discuss your ever-awakening love that is within you! Dear ones, this time (and your ever awakening now) is about the return of love to this sphere and to awaken those codes of love within you..

As each of you awaken your hearts codes of love you can begin to remember who you really are, what your purposes are and how you can express your gifts an passions in this world at this time upon you..

This civilization is on the brink of discovery in so many ways.. Yes, there is destruction, pain, suffering and loss of expression. However, this time is also ripe for change, for letting go and for realizing the truth of what really matters and for joining forces with like-minded ones who are also here to bring forth new gifts and ways of being in harmony..

Dear ones you are not forsaken or forgotten.. We are you in ever increasing numbers; awakening love through each form you are in.. As you awaken again to the feelings and expression of joy, harmony, the discovery of your life force, you can begin to see and know that you all are now returning ever gracefully to allow your lights to turn back on..

It is like the mustard seed within, for you are all coded with love within… like a flower who is coded with the expression of that specific scent and floral arrangement.. Like the seashell, like all beings and matter.. You are coded within a divine blueprint that if allowed naturally, creates the perfection of that code and awakens it’s purposes..

Dear one, each of you are coded with your own divine blueprint and mission of your timing upon the earth now.. You are here to love, to remember and to allow your own timing, your own perfection, your own flavor and scent..

As each of you awaken to that truth, you can throw off the shackles of history and the burdens of proving your worth. The fears that have dampened you and forsaken you and kept you in sadness and pain of not belonging can now be released.. This is now the time to rejoice in the power to remember who you are..

You alone can allow your true self and expression. You alone can feel harmony again within your form and trust and grow toward the light.. You can say “no,” I now live for my Self, and my expression of love and of my being!

Your ‘I am’ presence is the mustard seed and is awakening at this time within you.. Trust this process. Allow this occurrence of love to flow again thru you. Open your channels to the light, to new expressions, to joy and to the service of this unity within that is calling you home..

Each of you is magnificent! Each of you is powerful beyond belief and each of you is here to be and do your own duty to the love of life, of freedom of expression and for true healing on all levels..


We say to each of you to come home to your own awareness and choice.. To begin to listen to your inner self and voice, to the mustard seed with you.. The kernel of truth, the part of you that is deep, alive, ancient, aware, your eternal soul! You are housed within this beautiful form as well, can you let go of the shackles, can you remember you are not imprisoned and begin to let go of the suffering of the past..

We ask you to now wake up.. Look toward the light, see yourself as the powerful creator you are.. Forgive yourself as you are forgiven and know that you are a one-of-a-kind jewel and are most needed now.. As you do, as you quit questioning your own divine beauty and begin to see yourself differently, you awaken the codes of love within you..

These codes are your true nature as a divine being in harmony again with all that is.. As the flower of life is in all creation, so are you, each being one and the same.. As your misperceptions drop and as you come home to love within, be easy, forgive yourself and those whom you perceive are still locked into past system constructs..

See them as yourself. Know that all beings seek to release suffering, all beings ask for love and home. All beings wish to come home to unity and yet they do now know how.. As you turn toward your inner light, as you listen to the authentic voice within you, you will come to know that you are already home. There is no thing to do or be other than who you truly are, which is unity, love, unified belonging and your own magnificence!

Be easy with yourself and all beings, as you grow strong again in love!

Know that as many awaken they feel upset at what has held them back from it! As you continue to go within, seek the truth there, not outside of you.. Be your own wise guide in honoring that voice, the seed of love within you…

Know that this process of unfolding love, daily, moment-to-moment will inform you of your life’s purpose and of the awakening that is happening within each of you.. Know it will inform you and bring you closer to your brethren to make changes in the outer world.

Know that first and foremost there needs to be a stabilizing to your own foundation to love and harmony, to balance these aspects from within you.. Seek not the outward source, rather know the harmony within.. Listen for your inner guidance and allow your ears and eyes to open to the gift that you are..

Know as well that as you all are achieving greater unity and equality you will see that to come home in the higher dimensions is to know the equality of all beings. That each one of us works together to create the tapestry and unity of all life. We are one breathing being, coming home to greater expressions of love and formations of new becoming.. So now and evermore, be open to new possibilities of creation within you!

Open your channels and be like the child in opening your heart to every facet of the divinity that you are, now and always.. You are in perfection of creation, you have just forgotten.. As you awaken these codes within you, the greatest service is to this expression of your own being, as you harmonize and forgive yourself and allow your own flow of becoming, you help turn on others’ awareness and light as well!

This is true brotherly love, allowing all to be and coming home to your own special expression and love of self! This allows your full codes to manifest and thru this, you send out the signals for love to all beings and help the process awaken faster and faster.. Now is the time dear ones, always it is now..

This system is getting the upgrade you all are here to experience and express. Join with all others in this by being in your own wholeness, focusing on your welfare and intuition, following your natural flow and expression, do your dance! As you do you awaken others gently, softly and with much curiosity and joy, know that no one wishes to be told what to do, but to join with the freedom of expression and natural love and curiosity that makes you all beautiful expressions of all creation! Join again in the service to the one and in that is the service to all beings in all being-ship!

We love each of you and know that we are you; we breathe with you in this occurrence of love and know that we are ever becoming more full in that expression.. Know that as day turns to night, all things change and grow and fall away. Be easy in this occurrence and join with it to remember whom you are in your magnificence and step forth creating new pathways to love!

We thank you and are sending an awakening to each of your hearts thru this message, calling you home to the significance of your unique self, in this we are one! So be it, so shall it be!

We give forth an exercise here as well to allow your codes of love, your flower to open within you..

We ask you to relax and open your heart to feelings of belonging in this moment, to being accepted by you, allow tender feelings toward your Self. Honor your life and purpose. Honor your beauty – inside and out.

Think kindly upon your self and say to yourself “I am loved just as I am. I am I and it is good”.. As you allow this, let that feeling come from your heart to all parts of your body, letting go of stress and worry. If something comes forward to you, a thought or of anything that makes you feel bad or shameful, bless it, forgive yourself as you would a child and release all self judgment and doubt..

Look deeply into that occurrence and forgive yourself and others..

Very good.. Now allow all the love of mother earth and the universe to pour in thru each of your cells, bringing you home to love within and allowing you to feel safe and supported within the depth of your being..

Allow the healing within now. Allow the forgiveness and allow the belonging and the remembrance of love to awaken within you.. Now this is aligning you to your own self and to your codes of love.. As you continue to relax, your codes of love within you and your cells and chakras will open naturally. They just need your tending to by allowing the energy of support and connection and remembrance. It is like tending to your inner garden and allowing yourself as a plant to get water, nourishment from the earth and the sun as well as solar energies from your soul and the universe.

As you allow this healing you are letting go of past suffering and agreements and belief systems that have held you back.. Ask now to release those and to open to support, love and unity again. So be it!

Allow this healing and support and love to awaken your divinity and wisdom and soul self within your beautiful body. Allow all bodies now to unify; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – to come into wholeness in this now moment. Allow your fullness to come forth and open your seed codes within, as you become full you can naturally open forth into the world and share your gifts of creation…

Allow this all with ease and grace while connecting you back into the now moment so you can sing your own soul song and be a living flame embodiment that helps others to turn on as well!

You can do this daily or anytime you would like a reboot and boost!

We love you all dearly and are ever here for each of you to support you in this process of returning home to love. Be easy and know that self- forgiveness and self-love is key to awaken the codes of love within!

In harmony we are one being, in love we are home!

Thank you and so shall it be!

Ray Dawn