Mary Magdalene via Zane Morgan, December 12th, 2018

Greetings my dear one, I Am Mary Magdalene and I greet you today as my heart overflows with love for you and those like you, the ones doing the heavy lifting on behalf of Mother Earth and the Human Collective. I come today with some warming and inspirational words, as you are all about to take the next step on your journeys, you are all about to experience massive change in your lives, and beleive me when I say that this change is of huge benefit to you. It is the start of a new era dear ones, a new time, a new age, a Golden Age on Gaia. It is to be marvellous as you start to see your creations unfurl right before your eyes. Just as a flower spreads it’s petals to receive the golden light of the Sun, your Being, your conciousness, is about to unfurl to reap the love, wisdom and light of Source. It is time to be the shinning lights for those that are about to be shaken awake, there are to be many that will now seek your guidance and wisdom. Rest dear ones, the time is nigh for all to become known. It cannot hide anymore, it has been decreed that all is to be released and to those of you that have been following these messages and the many others for quite some time, you know there is much to be released and revealed. So hold tight and stand in your light, in your love and be ready to step forth as the beacons of light you set out to be. These are glorious times dear ones so act like they are such! Celebrate, dance, jump for joy! All those things you do to express freedom, to express love and joy, do these things as you go about your day, express them physically as that helps ground these energies that these feelings carry. Reach for the stars children and before you know it you will no longer be reaching for the stars, for you will be a star and you will be travelling to the stars. Be in joy children, be in love with life, be in love with the Earth and most of all be in love with each other for that is how you shift to unity, by loving all without condition, just as we love you unconditionally. I Am Mary Magdalene and I leave you now, but know in the times coming that we shall be together more than you can imagine, I Am only a brief wisper away when ever you need me. I love you.