The Collective of Nature Beings via Angel Skog, November 28th, 2018

The Collective of Nature Beings via Angel Skog

November 28th, 2018


We emerge into the light.

We are the Nature Beings, the souls of trees, protectors of small water creeks, Devas hidden in the veils of the moss and the Elves dancing on the yellow fields. We are the joy in the raindrops, we are the wind that blows, the trees that are humming, the stillness in the sleeping woods. We are everywhere and nowhere, with each living thing completely integrated with our beautiful Mother Earth. We are the invisible ground patrol, en masse, hundreds of thousands, millions and billions. We are Earth’s pride and beating heart. We keep your parks, your gardens, your animals and plants in joy, compassion and love. Together we dance, together we work, together we rejoice over the fantastic reality that we live in.

The next time the wind is blowing against your cheek, cold and hard – touch your shoulder, maybe one of us is sitting there and is trying to teach you to ride with the wind instead of retreating from it. Maybe we teach you to take deep breath for the first time in your life and to feel how alive and integrally connected with Mother Earth’s breath you can feel. And, how the cold actually warms your heart and helps you to open it up.

The next time the rain is falling from the sky then let go of what you are doing and stand outside and look up into the sky, close your eyes and let the rain drops fall down you face. Feel the soul in each raindrop and feel how it is trying to teach you to love yourself while it caresses you on the cheek.

We are nature beings, nature’s souls, lightworkers, Elves , Fairies and Devas and we are with you during each step in the ascension process. Let us help you find your way home again – home to feel the same integrated love and joy that we do by singing at the same beat, breathe the same breath and to beat the same heart beat as our beautiful planet we call our home.

We verdant joy, blowing love and dripping happiness

Nature’s soulkingdom





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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