Love is our new reality

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Masters Kuthumi and Maitreya via Lynette Leckie-Clark, June 10th, 2017

The Great Light Rememberance

I greet you in the Light of Source, the Light of all which resides within you and around you. I stand with my brother Maitreya who has requested to join us in this transition.
We feel the sadness which many of you are carrying like a heavy cloak.
This weighs you down in despair with feelings of hopelessness around the violence and aggressive acts you are witnessing.
Please remember the Earth and mankind is at a crossroads of existence.
Throughout your previous nine years you may have experienced a crossroad in your personal life – a time when you were called to make profound decisions in your life direction, your thoughts, choices and yes, your very intent of your own creation.
Old ideals, plans and wishes were required to be reviewed.
This was part of your personal transition in a changing world.
There is a great dimensional shift arising around the Earth and it began with the Self.

Maitreya nods in agreement.

Now as mankind has progressed, we are delighted to say we witnessed and stood by as millions of you remembered your true nature, your Soul.
With guidance from our side and the Universe, much Light has been released around Earth and all living beings who reside there. You may ask the purpose of the Great Light Remembrance. It was destined to be my friend.

Maitreya speaks

It is why we of the Great White Brotherhood came together, to assist all Souls who chose to experience the transition of the planet Earth, and the experience of Soul Remembrance.

The ‘veil’ was heavy in your history of past incarnations to protect your Higher Self and also your Soul through the heavy vibration and the mindset and actions of mankind.
It is regrettable to us that some of you in a past reincarnation endured much pain, still held in the Soul memory, and is continuing to be healed.
These are ones we know as the ‘Pained Souls’, where the unhealed pain prevents them from rising up to higher dimensions of being, of Light, of love. And yes, it is through remembered unconscious pain and choice that these ones hold themselves in a lower, heavier dimensional vibration of war, thinking all is against them. The lower mental vibration of “I’ll get you before you get me”. There is much work still to be done for these ‘Pained Souls.’

Kuthumi speaks

Yes indeed. In a previous transmission I requested you surround the planet in Light particles through visualization and your own intent each new day.
We called it the ‘Light Brigade’ and has been placed on my website. Surprised?
Why I ask? We guide you on to a higher vibration of existence, assist you to enrich your Soul, do you really think we know nothing of your technology?
I tell you without my website being created on my behalf you would not have been able to enjoy expanded consciousness through my words and guidance.

Now as technology moves forward, this format must change also.

So, back to the impelling issue facing mankind at present. How to deal with the tension, violence and hate you are being faced with. My friend, listen I implore you.
I have told you of fear, how crippling holding onto fear can be for each of you, and how through understanding you are able to release the hard grip of fear.

Maitreya has explained to you the reasons why these few hold onto their perceived control through creating an energy of fear on various levels.

Understand this. I ask you to remember my previous words of your greatest weapon to repel fear and negativity – that of joining together in brotherhood, unity and most of all embracing the Light energy as your ‘glue.’ Yes, your very power. For through the Light you automatically connect through your Higher Heart to Source – to emotions of love and compassion.

You overcome darkness my friend. You overcome any fear and you stand victorious. Yes, it is so.
There is a New Earth coming in your Linear time. It is a remembrance for those ones who experienced life in Lemuria and Atlantis.

The remembrance of communicating through Light Transmission. It is remembered and created through your choice. Yes, I repeat – your choice. Do you wonder at the magnificence of the great power given freely to you?

Creation – what do you choose to create for your planet, for your life and the life of those yet to incarnate? I have said many times to you that spirituality is not complicated. Events can be in an instant of Linear time. We here have no time.
Yet some choose to make spirituality difficult, with long rituals. This is not needed with much Light already on Earth – fed and enlarged through awakened souls.
This allows great healing on your sub-conscious and conscious minds.
The Higher Mind of existence is now being birthed. This will produce a new Earth.
Now on Earth you are enduring the transition. Power struggles abound. Some try to control the masses by creating fear through violent acts.

We conclude with this.

We ask you to remember that your transition form Soul to your physical body, and this life was preordained. You chose to be created and born on Earth at this time in order to expand your Soul knowledge and experience.

You also chose before incarnating to assist Earth and mankind in raising the vibrational energy back to Light/Source. So we hope you now begin to understand the importance of being part of the ‘Light Brigade’. A simple task you will agree, yet one of utmost importance to the planet and to mankind.
We of the Great White Brotherhood stand by each of you with this one (Lynette) to teach and to guide. This is a time to bathe in the Light through inner peace, your Higher Heart and your own intent. This energy will guide your life, your choices, your thoughts, and release all fear. Unite together in Light.

We embrace you in peace

Masters Kuthumi and Maitreya

If you share this channeled transmission, please acknowledge the channel – Lynette and Kuthumi School of Wisdom and our web address.