Love is our new reality

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Sananda via Christine B, June 11th, 2017

Sananda Answers with a Message 6-11-17


A warm hello to our beloved RV heroes. I am Sananda. I am here with Ashtar and Saint Germain.

We step forward to confirm the following.

As you have been told and felt within your own hearts: the RV is real and underway.

You continue to actively await the most impeccable moment for each and every soul…for the unfurling of the plan, for the awaited release and relief, as you burst forward and upward into the next phase of visions you have already created.

GESARA is in motion. You are at the crescendo-ing threshold of so much breaking free on Earth.

Individually and as a community, you continue to take mighty mighty leaps during these last long moments, as the release of God’s Prosperity through you becomes the redemption and reality of Earth.

From our perspective, the chaos you are feeling and witnessing is a blessing, a kind of divine shakedown. You do not want to carry across the RV threshold the waves of dross you continue to release as a group, at a now unprecedented rate.

The events of healing occurring on Earth will continue here. The answer is right here within the wisdom of your community, and what is happening in front of you. “All go or none go.” “As within, so without.” But what does this mean? It means, all who desire to Ascend on Earth, are. On this Earth, during this time. None who wants to Ascend will be denied the opportunity and assistance.

Thank you for inviting us forward to clarify. We would like to add something inspiring. On Intel Dinar Chronicles, together, you have decided to set the qualities, values and resonance of the community you want to be a part of. Without walls to keep some out, you have decided in an open forum and a sometimes-arduous growing process, not to give the dark agenda a seat at the table. This is remarkable, and you are all cheered!

We urge you to remain vigilant within. Forgo the understandable temptation to ever still cast false doubt upon this process, yourselves or each other. You are all seeing within that sometimes you have not known which way it is to swim to the surface and into the Light. It has been a treacherous experience for all. Continue to be compassionate and discerning – always looking first to see wherever you may have done or faced similar issues and feelings. Root them out and release them.

With events occurring which are still behind the scenes for you, we can say that the numbers supporting the dark agenda are rapidly growing fewer. Simultaneously, the last-ditch panicked, even frenzied attacks of the waning minions are the worst on those messengers, for instance, who are most visible.

Do as you have done: choose the qualities of unity, excitement and clarity as you ride out the last throes of a dying reality. Let it go.

We offer our warm and well-deserved congratulations! Individually — you are in this moment and in this group due to your relentless efforts and accomplishments to choose the Light within, whatever that means personally to you.

You are ready and through your own decisions, you have already begun working in the next phase of personally and globally lifting yourselves and Earth. You have pushed past blockages and dissolved barriers – within and without. You have been loving, steadfast, generous and strong.

As you like, we will guide and walk beside you. There is much to be done. It will stretch you, expand you. It will be wondrous and splendid. We are a Family, a Mission. We are God’s Will for the Resurrection of Earth and the Ascension of All.

I Am ever and always, your Sananda.

(Channeled by Christine B. – Fancy Free – 6/11/17)