Love is our new reality

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Merlin/Saint Germain via Iris in Germany, September 2nd, 2018

9 / 2 / 2018  MERLIN

“Merlin says hello to you. With my light I am at your side. In these times which change a lot you play your part. Every thought changes the substance and fills the scales to be for or against something. Your alignment and your will determine your resonances and healing steps can be performed.

A cosmic retreading is imminent, and everything is moving to its right place which is intended for it. The many levels in which you work support your multidimensional being and align yourself. You will be supplied by the new light. It is the light of oneness. Light as a whole is an elixir of life. Whoever tastes it will feel more and more relief and joy. A light bearer receives the tools for its further development and doors are opened.

Magical work on the levels of creation creates new interesting degrees of light. The change continues. The alarm call will now be heard in all cells. And new, wonderful creations are ready to step into matter. Beloved soul that you read this, your development status progresses and sometimes a reorientation or a pause is the signpost.

With love and the magic connection for all being I bless you with starlight. I am Merlin the Cosmic Light.”