Love is our new reality

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The Creator Divine via Karen Vivenzio, September 2nd, 2018


Sacred Connections and Sparkles of Light via Karen Vivenzio

A journey of Re-Birth

The journey through the birth canal is always dark and long. As soon as you think you cannot go on the light at the end of the tunnel comes on and you emerge into a world of light, ever bright, ever bright. Hold on to hope dear children of light, for the birthing of the new Earth is holy and bright. The time is near and the light at the end of the tunnel is coming into sight.

Take a deep breath

Go deep within

Find the hurts and the misery you have been living in

Turn the light on

The light from your heart

To melt away the pain and let go of all that no longer serves

Breathe deep in the moment

The stillness inside

Take a step forward into a brand new life

The light flows out from your heart to mine

A sacred connection to the Creator divine

Clearing the pathway from your heart to mine

Sacred connection and streamers of light

Flowing forth from your heart and mind

Letting go

Shoring up your light

Filling yourself full, holy, and bright with infinite light from the Creator divine

I AM an aspect of you and you are a reflection of mine

For you and I are BOTH holy and divine

For We are Infinite Light

Shine Bright

Shine Bright

In your most holy light

For you are a reflection of the Creator Divine and I AM your partner, your holy scribe, I AM your Father/your Mother/your own soul dear child. Simply remember your own sacred vibe and soon we will be standing side by side in oneness and grace and remembrance of life – for all of life is merely light, refracting and reflecting and mirroring back in varying degrees the ability of all souls to create and escape, reaching out to a higher dimension where light is more bright, where holiness and sacredness are the way of the light – gone are the fears and dis-ease and the lights shutting off, welcome are the signals and sparkles and encumberances falling off. Step off the ship of hate and fear and onto the cruise of destiny dear. White and bright and shining light – that is all you need to concern yourself with tonight. Tending your vibration, changing the station. Moving forward into new light.

The Creator Divine

You are all children of mine

For we are all one

Equal, Holy, Divine, and LIGHT