Love is our new reality

Message from Horus via Elaine Degiorgio, February 15th, 2022


I come through the heart of my beloved to the hearts of you all. It is a sincere blessing to come into your world at this hour to impart every blessing. The Heart of Mother Earth is forever changing and forever evolving and many shifts and changes upon your beautiful planet is underway. We understand and innerstand the many challenges that humanity have faced as many karmic energies have unfolded past and present paving the way for the future of your planet.

As many wounds surface this will indeed create a ripple effect as the awareness and knowledge of many truths rise up from the oceans. Your Hearts must not be set upon judgement but on the focus of healing and release as we are preparing mother earth to enter the next steps of the evolutionary process. Many shifts will see humanity raise up in a more heightened awareness and consciousness and as the polarity has increased humanity will find themselves at the Fork in the Road and will have a choice to make as to which direction to undertake. We ask that you make a heartfelt choice as once this choice has been made there is no turning back the clocks.

Remember all Roads eventually lead to the desired destination. One road will be longer than the other. This is what it is like on the Path of the Ascension – It is a journey. For some the path is quicker with a conscious choice and for others it may take longer as the Soul may desire to undergo further lessons along the way. The pivotal role in your Soul Ascension is the Connection and this Sacred Connection begins in your Sacred Hearts. When you unify yourself with you Sacred Trinity Mind Body and Spirit you become one and unified within your Sacred Chamber.

You return to zero point the sacred place of neutrality. You become detached from what is truly taking place in the world around you, events, situations, and energy that is no longer in service to your Highest Good. You become the Observer to the Observed. For many are called, but few are brave enough to set foot upon the path that leads to the road of redemption, the narrow way… This journey is not for the weak. With the many dangers that lie upon it, even fewer make it to the peak of the Mountain. If so, take this. Eat of the Fruit that grows upon the Tree that blossoms from the Waters of Life – overflowing from the wellspring in the midst of the Garden. Eat of it’s secret Manna, and drink of it’s Golden Elixir.

Let my hidden mystery emerge from the depths of your consciousness… and Ascend unto it’s throne, into the Height of all Heights. I am Heru and I speak through Elaine Degiorgio this day. 15/02/2022 20/2