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Message from Per Staffan – Temporary Turmoil in October, October 8th, 2018

Dear Lightworkers and Lightwarriors,

It is Columbus Day today, October 8th, here in the United States in honor of Christopher Columbus. As some of you know Christopher Columbus was one of the incarnations of Saint Germain, who in many lives have been focused on America and its role in the world. Saint Germain was also the author of the original American Constitution. He inspired the founding fathers to write it and when they hesitated to sign the document they had written he appeared to them entering the room by walking through the wall and gave a speech that motivated them to sign, at the risk of their lives.

This message is prompted in part by some reactions to the recent message from POTUS, but also as a preparation for what is coming. Some of you might have heard that this month has been labeled Red October, by Q and others.  Originally, Red October was the name given to the month of October in 1917 in Russia, when the revolution took place there.

To back up slightly, the purpose of this site is to spread light and love as expressed by the masters and the galactics and others. This will raise consciousness individually and collectively and put us all on the ascension path. Change inside us is critical and comes before change on the outside in our societies. However, now we are approaching the time when major changes will occur in our societies. We light workers and light warriors are tasked with assisting and calming those that will be in fear as a result of the chaos that is likely ensue in the near future.

I will make an attempt to provide some assurances, by outlining my understanding of developments that are coming. Timing is always a difficulty, but enough information is available saying it might very well be now in October. It can be likened to a peaceful revolution, as opposed the Russian one in 1917.

President Trump has been tasked with taking down the cabal also called the deep state. Other names are also used for the cabal, such as Khazarian Mafia and Illuminati. President Trump was selected by US military to do so, because of the military’s concern of the national security risk the nation is facing in the hands of the cabal. It is a very real threat, including attempts to further compromise the Constitution. At near the top level the cabal is a group of international bankers, with the Rothshield family at the helm. These international bankers first established a central bank in the US in the early 1800s. It was removed and the bankers thrown out of the country by President Andrew Jackson. This is the reason Trump has a large painting of Andrew Jackson in the oval office. However, they came back and instigated the Civil Was and killed Abraham Lincoln as he attempted to take over the printing of money and thereby challenging their control. When President President Kennedy (naively, not understanding what he was up against) also tried to take over the printing of money and away from the Federal Reserve he met the same fate as Lincoln. Our current Central Bank – the Federal Reserve – was created in 1913, by international banking families mostly from Europe and with the Rothshield family taking the lead.

President Trump was selected for the job by the military and the light, he gets support from the galactics, because of his background. He has done business with cabal members in the past and is familiar with them and know how they think and how they trick people. While Trump works for the light he is not a spiritual leader, but the necessary bulldog or general to get the job done. He will leave his office when his job is done, or when NESARA has been put in place, see below.

President Trump is not challenging the cabal in a naive fashion. He was selected by the military to be a powerful General in this war, which is multi-facetted. It is partially a physical war between dark hats and white hats. For instance ISIS was created by the dark hats. It is also an information war or a propaganda war in order to control the perceptions of the people.

The cabal has no allegiance to either the democratic party or the republican party. The two Bush President were cabal controlled or in fact are high level cabal members. Bush Senior started CIA. President Carter was an exception, but not very strong as a President. Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton were and are cabal members, and so was/is Barack Obama, in spite of the fact that many of us had hopes Obama was not. At this point in time the cabal is focusing on controlling the nation via the democratic party. They were very confident that Hillary would win the election and very upset when she did not. They had planned a total world take over and even a third world war created with her help. Wars allow the cabal to consolidate their powers.

The cabal also controls the mass media and it has turned into a propaganda machine for the cabal. They had counted on the impact of women voters voting for a woman. However, women were smarter than they realized and did not all vote for Hillary. They continue to create smear campaigns attacking Donald Trump and others for political gains. Trump who is tasked with taking down the cabal is focusing on facts and not the propaganda. He and his team have been preparing “the facts” which will be presented to Congress.

One more way the cabal has been or are running the world is via pedophile rings. In fact most of the top cabal members are pedophiles. They are controlled via black mail. The Podesta brothers will for this reason be some of the first ones arrested on pedophile charges.

The starting point for presenting the facts or disclosure is by unraveling the FISA application fiasco. Documents will be disclosed and those guilty of treason will be charged with it. This was one reason for the importance of having Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court, as he recognized and follows the Constitution. Now when he is in place things can start to roll out.

The FISA application disclosure will also implicate cabal members in the “Five Eyes Countries” – UK, Australia, New Zeeland and Canada. The cabal is indeed spread all over the world. They had planned to and did move manufacturing from the USA to China and planned to make China the main superpower going forward and dumping the US more or less. President Xi is not cabal, but is fighting the cabal in his country just like Trump is doing at home. The hard stance against China from Trump is part of fighting the cabal in China.

It should be added that President Putin is also working for the light. He has thrown out all Rothshield banks and bankers from the country. Russia’s Treasury department prints their money, as opposed to in the West where the Central Bankers print the money and then lend the money to the government subject to interest payments, which over time crushes the country. So, in fact Putin, Trump and Xi are working together to create world peace. One starting point is North Korea, which was previously controlled by the cabal and had the potential to be used as a means to start a third world war, something that the cabal has been trying to do for a long time. Another case in point is Syria, where the so called government rebells were/are terrorist groups funded by the cabal via CIA, plus ISIS was created by the CIA in the first place. Russia is now tasked with cleaning up in the country and remove all cabal forces (rebel groups and ISIS).

Trump is now in earnest starting the war against the Cabal in our country focused on the FISA application, as mentioned above. This will be followed by many other disclosures and arrests. One prominent disclosure will be how the cabal took down the Twin Towers on 9-11, and the truth behind it.  This might lead to civil unrest in the country for a limited period of time. The cabal member  and international banker George Soros has funded many violent leftists groups who can and probably will create unrest. The main stream media will not help, but probably create more fear and upheaval. Trump and the military has recently tested the National Emergency System and plan to provide true information in this way as to what is going on, bypassing the cabal controlled media.

We are moving towards a light and loving world. However, first the truth must come out and be exposed and the dark cabal will have to be removed from power. This is the turmoil we are heading into. This will also include a stock market collapse and a real estate collapse.  At some point during this turmoil the RV will be introduced to fund light workers. This will help to calm things down – people thinking with their hearts will have funds rather than the bankers.

The RV (revaluation) will be followed by GCR (Global Currency Reset)  in a matter of months. Soon after or in conjunction with GCR the original Saint Germain constitution will be put back in place in the form of NESARA. This will also be done globally via GESARA. So, Saint Germain’s divine  constitution will be spread globally. After the NESARA law is put in place, which is part of Trump’s job description, a new election needs to be held within 4 months according to NESARA law.  Donald Trump is not eligible to run as a candidate for being President under NESARA law and other candidate will emerge at that time. Most likely no rerun for Donald Trump in 2020.

I will update you to the best of my ability on developments as we enter the turmoil. Feel free to send me further questions.

Per Staffan


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