Message from Sananda via Camilla Nilsson, March 20th, 2019

Message from Sananda

March 20th, 2019

Channel: Camilla Nilsson


Words of wisdom:

A reminder of all you are and every have been, that you have with you from your cosmic origin. You are lovingly taken care of, protected, in order for you to be you – All you are and have with you on your journey.


Allow yourself to be revived:

Be one with your life in everything you are and allow yourself to shine. Let yourself shine as the sun, as the stars in the universe. Let your power radiate from you. Feel it inside you. The more you take it in as yours the more powerful you get and the more steady you stand on Earth in your life.

You can then see all that is and has been in a new way. The veils fall like the leaves that fall from the trees in the fall and make visible that which has been forgotten – unpeeled and naked. The veils have had the effect that you have not been able to see reality as it has been. Maybe it was also not meant to at that time.

However, now the veils are falling. One at a time for all that wake up. Life that was unclear now becomes clear and distinct.

Maybe you wonder how you have been able to miss all this. Maybe your awakening comes as a surprise – as a shift from one day to another. This is part of the process. You work with yourself and one day everything is clear – how everything is created.

So, maybe one day you will see the games behind the scenes – Everything that has happened that you have been part of. All of sudden everything is clear and you are free. You are free to be the powerful human you are in order to shine as the sun and the stars in the universe. Free in your existence. You are free!

I am Jesus, Sananda, and I send the light of love over all of you.







Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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