The Angel Collective via Karen Vivenzio, March 19th, 2019


The Angel Collective via Karen Vivenzio

Dearest child, please rest with us for a moment. Take a deep breath and breathe in the newness all around you. For you are at the lowest point, the darkest part of the storm before the swell gives way to the incoming waves of prosperity, abundance, and peace. It has been this way for you for some time – a never ending ride on a tidal wave of fear with all the ups and downs, highs and lows, and now it is time to take a breather, to take a rest and allow the calming flow of the ripple effect to carry you gently through the rest of the journey. Small ripples, spreading wider and wider out into the ethers and the realm of ‘invisible’ – energy currents softly gaining in strength and expanding.

Feel them now.

Waves of positive, happy, healthy vibration supporting you in all your endeavors. Great Mother, holding you in the palm of Her hand.

Safely positioning you in your boat to ride the river of slow current – floating – carried and embraced through this the last leg of the journey – over the hills and valleys of your prior incarnations and into the remembrance of the One Star Nation. Full of hope and peace and grace. Lightly floating away from your cares and worries – watch as they are all washed away, and the new ripples flowing all around you with the magic of miracles and astounding revelation.

For soon you will see the masks come off and you will be able to see things (people, places, and things) as they really are. The walls of illusion will melt away and every day your perception will clarify for you what your purpose is in this world and how you were meant to serve – for the legions of light surround you now, from deep within, above and below ground, and walking with you hand in hand. Take a break from the circus of despair and rest in the knowing that all will be made clear. Clarified and washed in the wisdom of inner knowledge for so many surprises will not only shake you but awaken in you the wisdom of all that you have ever known. So many memories flooding you as the veil starts to fade and in its place, a wondrous world awaits.

Let go of all you believe, even the magic of which we speak. For all is not as it seems. All appears in the blink of an eye, the raising of swords and the lowering of the conscious mind – all barriers come down, all is washed away, and in its place a glorious decree of your inner majesty. All currents flow to Thee, from Thee, and all around Thee. You may steer your boat in any direction and still you will find yourself in the higher dimensions. Despite the outer appearances, the last vestiges of fear coming out, the underlying framework has already taken root and we will now be able to carry you through.

So if you are succumbing to fear and doubt, let go and let God take you on the final route. Put your trust in your friends and neighbors from the Angelic Realm, as we are standing by ready to be of service to you. Great warriors of love and light, you are not sliding backward but like a slingshot you are drawing back before you shoot forward. By leaps and bounds you will not recognize the world from which you have come in another of what you term ‘months’.

By April, the sun will be shining. The sky more clear. Breathing fresher air.

And then the new sun will begin to shine and bathing you in glowing particles of divine white light. All becomes luminescent come Springtime. And you will notice the birds chirping and the bees sweetly buzzing around their honey pots and all will seem that is has not changed but for the world you have forgotten will shadow around you no more and you will be able to look forward with a brighter sense of light, a more peaceful countenance and a more radiant glow shining all around you. Be part of the glow, part of the peaceful change. Allow all resistance to be washed away. In the coming days, much will change, so rest now dear ones and allow the seas to rise and fall and stay steady in the midst of it all, safe and protected in your boat that floats on up higher into the heavenly realms.

With blessings of love and peace and hope we are the Angel Collective and we are holding you close.

With love and light – Karen

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,

Author: EARTH ANGEL: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

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