Love is our new reality

Message from Sirius via Zane Morgan, August 23, 2020


Hello EveryONE, Zane here. I just want to give a little update on the 8/8 portal and what may be occurring for yourself and on a collective level.

As we moved into the 8/8 energies, we were preparing to align ourselves with more of our authentic self, more of our soul essence. This, in turn, assisted us to ground and anchor the vibration of compassion into our BEing and the Earth. It is through this process, that we have also had to release any past judgments we may have made on ourselves and others.

This process of release has been occurring through our dream state and also in our waking state, if you have been conscious of it.

Through our dream state, we have been letting go of many past experiences, where we have cast judgement upon ourselves or others. It is through releasing this judgement, we can hold more of the vibration of compassion. These experiences, where we are releasing through our dreams, may often be an unpleasant or painful experience, where we have been with others that we have known in the past, or you may be doing this with reflections of yourself. These may often appear as “nightmares” or feel extremely uncomfortable upon waking from them.

Often through these physical experiences with others, we have created energetic cords, and the times we have judged ourselves, we have created blocks within.

So, leading into the 8/8 portal, we have been purging much of this energy that we no longer need, and we continue to in this moment, as the energies continue to stream towards the planet. For those of you who have been releasing these old energies in your waking hour, they will come as flashbacks or “random” memories, from mostly unpleasant moments in our past, but remember, they are just that.

They are coming into your consciousness to be released, and to do so, you do not need relive that moment, instead, acknowledge that it occurred and then simply let it go. See it as an experience to learn and grow from, acknowledge that yes, you did experience it, but then release it from your BEing.

A great way to do this is with the Violet Flame. Once you are aware of this moment, and you have acknowledged it, simply see it being dissolved by the Violet Flame. See the Flame burning and transmuting all the energies attached to it, through all levels, layers, and dimensions of Self.

Remember, trust and intention are some of our most powerful tools we have.

So, moving through these energies and this grand Cosmic Portal, do not feel down if these things come into your consciousness, because they are not returning so you have to relive and suffer through them, instead, they are presenting themselves to be cleared and released, once and for all.

There is no need for us to hang onto these judgement’s, whether of oneself or others. It is through releasing of the old, that we can ground and anchor the vast energies of love, compassion and our true Self.

As most of you will see, in the moments we are in, that what is needed more than anything is love and compassion. We must have compassion for those acting out in anger or violence, for they are still caught up in the old system, the old programming, and it is through our love, forgiveness and compassion, we are able to shine the light for them. It is up to those who are in the old programming to find the light, but the brighter we all shine, the more people who will see this light. Once they realize that there actually is light in the world, there is hope and love, and that others do have compassion for them, they will first seek the truth outside of oneself, then this will eventually lead the search inwards, to where true light resides.

So in saying all this, yes, it may still be a bumpy ride through these energies, but know, that each unpleasant experience or situation, which presents for release and healing, once done, SOOOO much more of our light is able to come through and spread across the Earth.

We knew this was not going to be easy, to be on the front line, doing the heavy lifting for the majority of the planet, but we chose to do it anyway, because we knew this hard work would prevail.

Many of us are already witnessing the fruits of this darn hard labour, by how quickly people are now waking up, and is this not a glorious spectacle to behold? So instead of feeling down and falling into the turbulent energies of the Collective, remember that, and remember why we are here. With each negative thought or feeling we can release, 10-fold of our true Self is able to come through and shine.

There may still be some darkness ahead, but we do not need fear it, instead, embrace it. Forgive it and see it for what it is, a learning tool. A tool that has been created for us to learn, grow and move through so many unique expressions and situations, but know, that we no longer need it in this expression, hence why we are now releasing it.

We are so much more than just our human vessel, and with each day that goes by, we grow closer and closer to our Higher Self, to fully merging with our pure Creator Essence, but first we must release the old in order to bring in the new. This process, which has been occurring in the lead up and well after the Cosmic Gateway, has assisted us to create a much smoother transition, as we are continually able to hold much more compassion and love, both within our BEing and our earth reality.

What we all assisted with, and still continue to assist with, is grand indeed, especially for those who went out and planted the crystals. These help to amplify the energies and this portal within the Earth Grid and Gaia’s ley lines. These crystals will continue to do so with the energies that stream into the planet. But do not worry or feel you did not contribute if you didn’t plant a crystal, for some of you may not have felt guided to do this, and so you have participated in other ways, that were right for you in the moment. Also, if you still feel guided to go out and plant crystals, please do so, as each crystal planted with pure, loving intentions, greatly helps to amplify the positive energies. Know, that what ever way you feel guided to help, is what is right for you and your mission.

Have faith, hope and compassion for all that is occurring, for it is through this process, that the true light of the world will shine.

All my love, gratitude, and blessings.