Love is our new reality

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Message from the Angels via Ann Albers, February 24th, 2018

Message from the Angels
Messages from the Angels
My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You live in a one room schoolhouse there upon your earth. There are spiritual graduates, and spiritual kindergärtners. There are star students, and there are those who skip class entirely. There are kind students and bullies. You are all in school together. You are all family.

So what do you do when you witness violence on your news… or in your own lives? How can you reconcile the fact that every soul carries within them the light of God, and yet there are some who hurt, kill, and devalue other life? Dear ones, we know it is not easy to be upon the earth right now. It is a time of grand and glorious change, a time when emotions are bubbling up in human hearts, sometimes with volcanic proportion.

The beauty of this time is that so many of you are finding new passion, inspiration, or a desire to release the past. The sad side to this movement is that there are more who “coming unglued” as you say, and hurting others out of their own unbearable pain. All are family. Even those who kill, hurt, and devalue others are family. They are lost, but they are still part of you. They need your prayers.

Those of you who are parents know that you would love your children even if you didn’t like them. You would see their light and potential even if they chose not to live in that light. You would believe in their capacity for good even if they never acted upon it. You birthed them. You have seen them as pure, innocent babies. You know who they really are.

Can you imagine dear ones, this is how God and your angels sees each and every one of you? We seen the innocent, pure light of the Divine within each and every one of you.

So what about those who kill others, as in the case of recent shootings. “How do we see them,” you ask? “What happens to their souls? Where is the justice?” We hear your cries for truth.

We see the truth of these souls. We see their sensitivity to life, their pain, despair, and their desperate cries for love. We see their sense of abandonment, frustration, and even rage. We send them extra love. We attempt to gently steer them into kinder situations, kinder thoughts, and kinder realities, but still they have free will. When we see that they are going to use their free will in a violent way, we do our best to guide and protect all in their path, according to their soul’s design and choices.

The heavens are mobilized, dear ones, before each and every disaster – natural or man-made. There are legions of angels there to assist.

Some souls who die in the path of the rage-full ones have agreed to leave the planet to inspire compassion, societal, or family change. Some souls who die at the hand of the lost ones, signed up for a shorter experience of life. Some souls in the path have simply ignored their guidance, and when presented with the moment of choice that every soul has to stay or go, they say, at some level of their being, “I choose to go home.” This is hard to imagine when you don’t remember the bliss of heaven, but once you have, we reassure you there is no fear of death whatsoever. Quite the opposite, we often have a hard time helping souls whose time has not come to return to earth!

Meanwhile, what happens to those souls who are in such pain that they stir up great pain and darkness in the world? It varies, dear ones. Some of them die clueless and refuse to go into the light because they don’t believe love exists. These lost souls reincarnate time and again, wreaking havoc until at long last someone prays fervently enough for their soul to hear and feel worthy of love. Some of them die and wake up in transition. They go into the light, see, and feel in their life review all the pain they’ve caused. These souls want to make up for the pain. They often want to come back and serve humanity, or some of them erroneously believe they must come back and suffer to “pay for their sins.” God does not require payment. God wants all to be healed.

So pray, dear ones, not only for the victims of the hurting soul, but even more so for those who are committing such atrocities on your planet. Pray for their healing, their awakening,their return into the light. Pray that when they die they will know they are worthy of God’s love so they can be healed. Pray also for the souls who didn’t know enough to go into the light..

”Heal and uplift all hurting souls. Bring them into the light of your love. Bring home the lost, the weary, the sad, the angry, the wounded, and help all be uplifted as we collectively move into greater light.”

The lost ones hear your prayers. If enough people think them worthy of love, sometimes that is enough for them to shift and receive the love that is, and always has been, waiting for them. You – through your prayers and your commitment to love – can bring them back home.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels