Love is our new reality

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Message from the Angels via Ann Albers, July 18, 2020

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Imagine your world in the distant future. Imagine people working in harmony with Mother earth, building Eco-friendly buildings powered by the sun, wind, and waves. Imagine plants growing on rooftops, and energy-efficient clean transportation. Imagine parks and natural preserves that give human beings an appreciation of the vastness and beauty of creation.

Imagine that well-being has replaced sickness, and that people understand the quality of their thoughts creates the quality of their entire lives.

Imagine in work environments there are meetings where for several minutes, participants are guided to visualize and feel the desired outcome. Then connected with the Source within, participants share to bring forth a glorious cooperative outpouring of ideas that creates a better solution than anyone could create individually.

Imagine that there is a recognition between all human beings, that when they look in one another’s’ eyes they see their very own Self at the deepest level. Imagine life on earth is recognized as a dance of creation, a dance of harmony, and a dance of love. Imagine that earth is once again recognized as the diversity of the Divine embodied in conscious co-creators who love to live, and love and create.

Dear ones we humbly thank you, for as you just imagined these things you sent forth waves of creation and you will someday look upon this reality from the higher dimensions knowing that you were part of a group of human visionaries who “seeded it” into existence.

Now, let us work on a creation that you would all love to experience in a future much “closer to home,” so to speak.

Imagine your world this time next year. Imagine that there are numerous new businesses that arose up to honor, care for, and work in cooperation with your dear Mother Earth. Imagine that those who wish to do so are working from home, freeing up more time to be with family and friends, while others who like to work in communal situations are thrilled to be reunited with their peers.

Imagine a world of people unmasked, hugging, holding hands, kissing, and loving one another once again, relieved and overjoyed because their love for a world that is well once again has freed them from the fears which once fed and hosted the viruses of this world – both physical and emotional.

Imagine a world which is settling into a new normal, a better normal, a kinder, more aware, more diverse, more kind, and more caring normal.

Dear ones, this is the vision we are holding for humanity. This is the vision we ask each and every one of you to empower simply by looking forward to it. As you do, you become a mighty force in the quantum reality, calling forth this reality into being.

Within this vision, your personal dreams exist as well. Within this vision is your healthy, your vitality, your abundance, your joy, your love, and all you desire. As you focus upon a world filled with love, and love that vision, you elevate your vibration. As you focus on your own dreams with love you, you elevate your vibration. As you focus with joy and expectancy, you elevate your vibration. As you focus on your here and now with love and appreciation you elevate your vibration, whether you are grateful for your life, or the pillow you lay your head upon at night.

When you elevate your vibration, no matter how you go about it – whether by dreaming a better world into existence and feeling good about how that feels, or by simply enjoying your here and now – you allow Divine Love to flood into you and through you and out into your world.

You are God’s arteries dear ones. In a high vibration you are “unclogged.” You are God’s nervous system. In a high vibration the signals are clear. You are God’s heart, beating with love for yourselves, your lives, and creation. In a high vibration you are strongly pulsating this love out into the cosmos.

You are the life and breath of the Divine in human form, dear friends! You are not separate. You are moving into a 5D reality in which this becomes more and more apparent. The power that makes the universes dance in cooperation, lives and breathes within you. When you raise your vibration, you feel it, you aim it, you fall in love with feeling in love and you become nothing less than Love!

Yes, dear ones you can feel it in our words. We celebrate You! We celebrate your love! We celebrate your intense desire for more love, joy, abundance, well-being, diversity, harmony, cooperation and so much more. It is YOU who will bring about a kinder, better, happier, holier, more harmonious, and healthy world! It is your dreams that fuel a beautiful future. It is your unwillingness to settle for feeling bad, and to reach for thoughts that feel better, that gives you the power to aim the Power that creates worlds.

The 3D world you see in front of you hasn’t yet caught up with your dreams of a better world. Nonetheless, if you could see the undercurrents of energy beneath the choppy surface waves of what you call “reality” you would a huge current, a powerful stream of love moving you towards this vastly improved reality. The more of you that empower it by going within and imagining it, looking forward to, indeed expecting it, the more powerful this current becomes, and the quicker you will find yourself in the new and improved reality.

We encourage you to be Present, but what we witness in your hearts in this Present moment is that you are longing for this future. So right here and now, sit quietly and empower it… just for a few minutes.

Then dear ones, get back to your life here and now. Find things to love and appreciate, knowing all is well, all is moving towards a brighter future. Even those who are leaving your planet are destined for paradise. Even those who have lost jobs are destined to find more meaningful ones. Even those who are afraid, are destined to face and conquer their fears. Why? Because your souls are all seeking an expansion, and a re-birthing into greater truth.

You are courageous beings, to be here upon the earth at this incredible, momentous time. You are strong, capable, loving, and no matter the fact that you slip from this reality from time to time, you are the ones empowering a bright and beautiful future.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels