Love is our new reality

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Message from the Angels via Ann Albers, June 26th, 2021

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

As the human race continues your transition into the 5D reality, you are learning a very different way of living – one that has always been the way the universe truly works, but one that is more obvious than ever before.

Your focus determines your thoughts. Your thoughts (or silent mind) tune you into a vibration, and your vibration is made manifest first through your feelings, then by what shows up in your life.

In 5D it is becoming increasingly apparent that this is how you create your life experience:

Focus. Think or Silence. Vibrate. Feel. Attract/Allow. Experience.
Re-adjust Your Focus. Think or Silence. Vibrate. Feel. Attract/Allow. Experience.
Re-adjust Your Focus. Think or Silence. Vibrate. Feel. Attract/Allow. Experience.

For centuries, the 3D paradigm has been just the opposite:

Experience. Focus. React/Act. Think or Silence. Vibrate. Feel. Attract/Allow. Experience again… focus again… react/act again…

You have been taught to interpret “reality” through your five senses. You’ve been taught to observe and then to say, “That’s the way it is.” This is why in 3D you often keep attracting the same thing. You look at what is in front of you, focus on it, act on it, think about it, vibrate to it, and attract more of it.

You have a saying, “Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.” Our 5D version is “insanity is focusing on the same thing – vibrating the same – and expecting different results.”

For example, there could be many wonderful, uplifting, resonant people in your life, but you might have a tendency to focus on the one that bothers you. In truth, they don’t make you feel bad. Your focus makes you feel bad. They didn’t lower your vibration. You allowed your vibration to be lowered. They didn’t “dump energy” into your field. You focused on an energy you don’t resonate with. Dear ones, no one can insert their energy in your field, no matter how empathic you are, unless you focus upon it. A radio with all its broadcasts cannot make you listen. You can change the station, walk away, put on your headphones and listen to something more pleasant. You can choose to love the broadcast and feel better anyway, but in any case, the radio is just an object broadcasting and it doesn’t jump up, insert its wires in your head and make you feel a thing. Likewise, no one else has the power to choose what you focus upon or tune into.

We understand that there are many “blaring radios” on your planet right now broadcasting their opinions, some kindly and some not, but you can still choose your focus. If someone is yelling in front of you you can focus on the cute message on their t-shirt, on the light within them, on the birds singing overhead, on a pleasant thought within you about all the good people in your life. You get to choose. Some people make it easier for you to focus positively. You love them. Some people make it very difficult for you to focus positively. If you don’t manage your focus, you get upset at them (while you’re just upset at losing your happy focus and blaming them!) Nonetheless, the power of your focus still belongs to you.

We don’t say this to shame or blame you. We aren’t making you wrong for not knowing any better. You have all been taught to observe and react to life, to blame life for your feelings, rather than focus and then feel good. You just didn’t know how the universe worked because for centuries, this has been knowledge well-guarded in secret societies and mystery schools. Now, thank you on earth, it is becoming mainstream. You are not powerless. You are not subject to the whims of the world. Your feelings do not have to be tugged and pulled and jerked around by external circumstances.

You are the owner of your own mind. You alone get to choose your own focus no matter how compelling others try to be. You get to tune to the vibrations you choose. When you consciously strive to choose vibrations that feel good to you, your life will become better and better and better and better… no matter what anyone else is doing.

You can solve your world’s problems by focusing with great enthusiasm on the feeling of the solution. How would it feel to go outside and see blue sky and breathe clean air, and have clean waters? You know the problems are there, but focus instead on how would it feel to have them resolved. Some of you will simply empower the vibration of the solution with your loving focus. Others of you will be motivated by the Divine within to act upon this vibration and become part of the tangible change.

You can solve your relationship problems, at least inside of yourself, by focusing on the good in another, what you once loved in another, or if that is too difficult, on all the people you do resonate with and adore. You can focus on the birds, the sun, the wonderful things about yourself. You can work yourself into a good feeling space and just love the light within everyone. Stay around those you prefer, and when you can walk away without guilt from those whose behaviors don’t resonate with you.

You don’t get any awards in heaven dear ones for making nice! You don’t get any awards for martyrdom. You are all loved equally whether or not you enjoy your life experience. You can choose a reality that supports an easier, kinder focus, and a higher vibration. If you don’t have that in front of you right now, then you are in spiritual “boot camp” learning to master your focus independent of the influences of the world around you.

We, the angels, could easily tune into and feel your every hateful and fearful thought. We can tune into your anxiety, your jealousy, and your insecurity. We exist, by our choice in a high and beautiful vibration of love, not because we can’t feel lower vibrations, but because we choose to focus on the love we have for you. In that reality, we can witness and know the world’s pains while holding a focus only of your highest, deepest, truest, most beautiful self, and gently, constantly, reminding you of your power to feel and experience that too. We don’t fear your negative energy dear ones. We feel only our love for you, and in that reality, we become part of the change you are all seeking to create.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels