Love is our new reality

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Message from the Angels via Ann Albers, May 20th, 2023

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You love your lovers of life! You love those who are true to themselves and in love with their own spirit. You adore your puppies, kitties, and innocent children who run up to show you their latest art. You love your authentic influencers who walk the talk and share from the heart. You love people who love what they’re sharing. You love people who love their own jokes even if you don’t love their jokes! 

When you are a lover of life—a person who often focuses on what they love about life—you can’t help but attract others who do the same.

These relationships give you great joy whether they last for a lifetime or only a few seconds in line at the store. These connections feel deep and wonderful, even without an apparent reason. These are the connections in which you meet in love, share love, and experience love.

Lovers of life are fascinating people. They attract others easily, whether or not they are classically beautiful or not. You find yourself fascinated by their ideas, whether you agree or not. They can be quiet or bold, young or old, well-known or unknown. At first glance, it is sometimes challenging to determine why you are attracted so much to these individuals. You often say, “They’re amazing… but they aren’t my usual  type.”

Your “type,” dear ones, is typically a person who matches a long list of qualities, characteristics, and physical features you find attractive. There’s nothing wrong with having a “type.” However, you will discover amazing connections when you open your hearts and minds and allow yourselves to enjoy individuals who aren’t your typical “type” but are entirely resonant with your loving vibration.

For example, you might care less about fixing a truck but meet someone who genuinely loves to work on trucks. This individual is passionate about the topic. You can tell they are happy and in love with life. They connect with you warmly and easily. They want to share their love of trucks with you, so they patiently and kindly explain how they’ve fixed their vehicle. You feel their love of trucks and life and enjoy the vibration of love in their presence. You might still care less about trucks, but you find yourself entranced by their love, enjoying the radiance of their spirit, and loving their passion for what they love. You are a vibrational match.

Contrast this with another person using the same words and explaining the same topic but coming from a different vibration. They may be coming from a vibration of needing to be acknowledged as helpful or intelligent. They may be coming from a vibration of insecurity. They may be coming from a purely intellectual vibration. Even though the person is saying the same thing and sharing the same information, you might feel bored, disinterested, and not nearly as connected as the previous person. Although the topic is the same, their vibration is entirely different.

The first person is enthusiastic, energetic, loving, generous, and kind. The second is needy, bored, or trying to impress. Even though they share information, the first is in a giving vibration, while the second is vibrationally trying to “get” something, be it your attention, approval, validation, or applause.

You sense these interactions all the time, dear ones. This is why you may not resonate with a person, even though everything looks right about them on paper. This is why you might be attracted to someone who usually wouldn’t be “your type.” Look at some of the people you admire. Some are your “type,” and others aren’t. In all cases, they are a vibrational match.

You can, if you like, focus on the haters, attune to the haters, hate the haters, and attract the haters. You can focus on a selfish ex so obsessively you keep attracting more selfish people. You can focus on that horrid boss long enough to attract the next one.

Far better, dear ones,to focus on the people you can easily love and what you can love about the others. Far better to focus on the things in life you naturally love and the things about yourself you can love. You can choose from the HUGE buffet in life and select the things you do love to focus on.

In so doing, you become lovers of life. In a vibration of love, you will naturally attract others in love as well. The more you find things to love about life, the more you will allow life to love you right back. This is a far better and easier way to attract all you seek—relationship, healing, money, or joy. Life loves you. Find things to love about it, and you will be attuned to love in a myriad of magical, seemingly miraculous ways. Find things to love, and inevitably, more will appear.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels