Love is our new reality

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Message from the Angels via Ann Albers, October 24th

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Take a breath dear ones. Stop and feel the air flowing into your lungs. Drink your fill for there is more than enough to go around. Relax. Allow the air to leave of its own accord and as it does, simply intend that any frequencies that no longer server you be carried away with it.

If you did this exercise, you just focused upon a miracle. Thee are millions of miracles that occur in every moment of every day of your life. There are millions of miracles in every inch of your body, in every firing of your nerve cells to think just one conscious thought, in every breath, in every beat of your heart. Thousands of cells and processes must be coordinated, timing must be impeccable, just for these simple things in your human body to function; things that most of you necessarily take for granted. Dear ones, if the creator can cause you to breathe and cause your heart to beat, can you imagine how beautifully this same force of love can orchestrate the coordination of your dreams?

You do not control your breathing, or your heart beat. You trust in them. Try to apply this same level of trust to your life. You have prayed for help. You have aligned your energy with a desire. Then dear ones, the entire universe is working to bring you what you have asked for… or better. You do not try to hurry up your heart beat. You do not try to force air into your lungs. You receive. You allow. You surrender…

This week, whenever you find yourself concerned about how you will make something happen, how you will create something, or how you will manage something you must handle, first pray for the loving outcome you desire. Make sure you are aligned with this outcome. Are you speaking positively? Thinking positively? Or are you negating your prayers with fear and negativity? In truth every word, every action, every thought is a prayer in that it sends an energy out into the world which draws like unto itself. If you have prayed and if you are aligning your energy with your desire then dear ones, relax. God is breathing for you, keeping your body alive, running the stars in the heavens, and coordinating the perfect solutions for your lives. As you believe, so shall you receive.

Breathe… drink from the source of life itself with every breath, taking in the energies you need to live, to love, to thrive. Release the air and allow what you do not need to gently leave. There… you have just participated in yet another miracle.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels