Love is our new reality

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Message from the Angels via Ann Albers, October 31st, 2020

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Today, many of you celebrate Halloween – a holiday where you make light of darkness, dress in costumes, share tricks or treats, and in general have fun with what might otherwise be considered very scary topics. Can you imagine that you are all souls in costume, that all darkness will indeed eventually be seen for the illusion it is, and that, through your free will, you alone have given yourself either tricks or treats!

You are Divine love in costume, cloaked in a body, wearing the mask of your personality, and playing a particular role. Your political candidates are divine love in a costume, cloaked in a body, wearing the mask of their personalities, and playing a unique role. The ones you love and the ones you can’t stand are Divine love in a costume, cloaked in a body, wearing the mask of their personality, and playing a role as well.

Unfortunately most upon the earth have forgotten to identify with the light within. Instead you relate to yourselves and one another as the costume of the body, the mask of the personality, and the roles that you play for one another.

Your challenge is to remember that no matter what you look like, no matter what characters you play, no matter how your personalities differ, you are all united in the One love that breathes life into each and every one of you upon your planet earth.

When you whisper telepathically to a soul, “I remember who you are beneath the costume, the mask, and the role,” you help them remember too. When you treat a person as if they are the costume, the mask, or the role, you help them identify more strongly with that facade.

What if, on Halloween, instead of saying, “Hi Bob! Hi Sue! Hi dear friend of family member! Hello, my dearest child,” you believed in and reacted as if your dear ones were their costume, their mask and the roles they were playing? What if, instead of greeting your friends with love and humor, you started to fight the pirates, scream in horror at the skeletons, beg the superheroes for help, flirt with the barmaids, and bow to the princesses. Aptly enough, your friends in costume would, more seriously, embody their roles in response!

Likewise you have the power on earth to bear witness to the light within each soul or to trigger them to more heavily identify with their body, personality, or role. It is your choice. If you fight the pirates and the villains, they will become more pirate or villain-like! If instead you treat them as if they are a soul beneath a mask, they will act more kindly. If you beg your superheroes to help you, believing they have more strength, clout, and power than you do, they will likely assist, but you may just forget your own innate power in the interaction.

If you treat someone like the body-costume they wear, they will respond as such. If you treat someone as the personality they exhibit they will respond in kind. If you treat someone as the role they play, they are likely to oblige you by playing that role.

If instead you walk around witnessing the light of the Divine in each and every soul around you, regardless of body, personality, or role, your experience of life will be so much sweeter! You will draw out the loving essence of those wishing for it to be seen. You will naturally repel those who identify with the darker roles, and who aren’t ready to be “seen” for the light that they truly are.

Trick or treat dear ones? Do you want to trick yourself into believing that those around you are the costume of their body, the mask of their personality, or the role the play? Or do you want to treat yourself to a greater truth – that beneath these facades, there is One love experiencing itself in many forms, many personalities, and many roles?

Give yourself this gift. Remind yourself there is a spark of light in every soul, beneath every facades. Allow yourself to imagine fanning the flames of this light with your prayers and your love. Relate to everyone as if you know the truth! You know who lives beneath the costume, the mask, and the role.

What if every day instead of saying, “Hello, Bob! Hello, Sue! Hello, dear friend or family member,” you were to say instead, “Hello, God, dressed as Bob! Hello, God, dressed as Sue! Hello, God, dressed as my friend or family member!” I know who you really are, and guess what! I am Divine love too! I am wearing the costume of this body, the mask of this personality, and playing a role too. How beautiful we are in our diverse costumes. How amazing that we can interact in these roles. I love you. I love me. I know who we really are.

Get up each morning dear ones and look in the mirror. Greet the Divine within your own eyes with reverence. “Good morning dear God in the costume of this body. Good morning! Help me remember I am so much more than my body, my personality or my role, and help me see you beneath all others as well.” Then, doing your best, go about your day imagining you are the loving Divine interacting with the loving Divine in all others. Some will remember. Some will forget. But nonetheless, you will treat yourself to a loving experience of interacting with the One who lives beneath all costumes, all masks, and all roles.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels