Love is our new reality

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Message from the Angels via Ann Albers, September 16th, 2023

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Suppose you wanted to go for a beautiful walk to a lovely destination. You are eager for the journey. It is a beautiful day. The air is fresh and clear, and you anticipate a wonderful time. However, not far upon the path, you encounter a huge alligator! You can’t believe it. The creature is large and blocks the entire path. There is no way around him. What to do? You wait a bit, but he’s not budging. You get frustrated and start to throw stones, and he becomes menacing. You say, “Get on! Go! Shoo!” and he growls. So here you are. You’ve been anticipating a fantastic walk, and now you’ve got a huge alligator in the path. Fighting him doesn’t work. Wishing he wasn’t there doesn’t make a difference. What to do?

Dear ones, this alligator represents the various things in life that show up and seem to block or thwart you from achieving your dreams. They are the financial challenges that seem to make things impossible for you, the seemingly insurmountable diagnosis, the people whose demands on your time appear to prevent you from having any of your own, and the challenges that seem to interrupt your positive progress. Each one of you has your “alligators on the path,” and like the one we imagined before, wishing they weren’t there doesn’t change them. Fighting them only makes them more challenging.

If you ran across this alligator or your life’s challenges, many of you would be inclined to give up on what you originally wished for. You’d turn back and give up on the walk. You’d tell yourself you can’t have that vacation or home you want. You’ll never enjoy good health again. Your dreams don’t matter because everyone else’s need do. Even as we say these untruths, we feel your energy and your lights dim, so let us quickly help you shift your vibration back to truth. In spite of any “alligator” you encounter, you can turn back to the love that lives within all things and beings and ask for assistance in creating a solution.

In our example, you could back off a bit, sit down, have a snack, and enjoy the beautiful day. You could send love to this alligator on the path, who would sense your good intentions, your love, and your desire for them to move, and they would eventually wander off the trail. Your willingness to believe in the good, in your worthiness, and in the Creator’s desire for all beings to exist in harmony would align you with that reality. You would fulfill your intention to enjoy the day, have a little magic on the path, and reach your destination.

Likewise, if you have a financial challenge, take a step back and enjoy your day. Count the blessings you do have. Look forward to the thing you can’t afford now due to the “alligator on your path” and wait for guidance as to how to proceed or the miracle that will assist. If you believe in the good, in your worthiness, and in the Creator’s desire for you to have all the good you wish, then you will aligned with this reality.

If you have a health challenge that someone has told you you must live with, take a step back from the struggle for a bit. What you can enjoy right here and now? What you can you do? What can you focus on that feels healthier and happier? If you believe in the good, in your worthiness, and in the Creator’s desire for you to experience your wholeness, then in spite of any “alligator on the path,” you will be guided to the solutions.

Even if you have challenges with very unpleasant and intractable individuals, the heavens can help you work around these “alligators on your path.” Perhaps you live with one — someone who snaps at you when you oppose them. Maybe you work with one — someone who won’t budge. Perhaps your child is married to one — someone who guards their “turf,” so to speak. In any case, you can take a step back, avoid opposing them, enjoy what you can, and send love. In this reality, if you believe in the good, in your worthiness to receive help, and in the Creator’s desire for all to exist in peace and harmony, then eventually, solutions will be revealed. Your heart will change. Their heart will change. You will receive guidance on how to communicate with or work around them.

The Creator of universes lives within all things and all beings — you and the “alligators” on your path. No matter how stubborn, unwilling to shift, or impossible they seem, the Divine can work around them. If you get in touch with Divinity, simply through your willingness to look for what feels better, is better, or even to imaging what could be better, then you are in a space to receive help, and to resonate with all good—even the divinity buried deeply within these scary and unpleasant “alligators” that appear to block the path to your dreams.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels