Love is our new reality

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Message from the Angels via Ann Albers, September 23d, 2023

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You never need to give up on yourself, your hopes, or your dreams. You don’t need to earn your manifestations or prove your worth to the heavens. There’s no need to convince us, persuade us, or insist on having what you want. Before you even have time for these considerations, you have emitted a loving energy of desire to which we, the Divine, and the entire universe have begun to respond.

Your only job is to be receptive to love.

Imagine that you are a radio that can talk. You might say, “I want to broadcast FM station “XYZ.” I insist on it! It is important. I need to hear the news on this station now. As you know, until the radio tunes into the station, it can’t pick up the signal, no matter how it argues for why it should. It must become receptive by attuning the frequencies it wishes to receive. Likewise, you must tune into love to pick up love’s signals.

You don’t have to focus obsessively on your manifestations. You don’t have to feel positive about everything in your life. You don’t have to have a clue how to create something you want. You don’t even have to believe in your dreams all the time! You just have to believe in and tune into something that feels like love as often as possible. You will know when you’re on the path to your desires because you’ll feel good. You’ll know you’re tuned into streams of grace when things flow more easily, synchronicities abound, and you enjoy the journey.

Don’t beat yourself up when you’re not there. Give yourself a hug. Congratulate yourself for being alive. It is optional! You choose to awaken each morning. Breathe deeply and feel the air in your lungs. Massage your own hands. Sip a glass of water and appreciate the feel of it. Even in these small acts of grace, you are receiving love. Even in these seemingly meaningless moments, you are attuning to a higher vibration. It is so much simpler than humanity has made it. You need only find that which feels like love. If you did nothing else but enjoy your moments and your days, so much more would come.

Relieve yourself of the burden of feeling perfect about everything you wish. Relieve yourself of the burden of trying to feel wonderful about everyone and everything. That is a tall order for most. Instead, dear ones, focus on what is good. Focus on what you like about the individuals in your life. You married that spouse for a reason! You felt good about the job when you took it. Look for the qualities that can uplift you so that more may come.

We are not suggesting you should stay in dense situations. We are not saying you should like what you do not. We wish for you what we know, that in this universe of contrast, you can focus on love, feel love, flow love, and thus attract love in the forms you desire.

Try today to simply look for what is good each time a difficult thought arises. Be kind to yourself in the process. You will find little moments of love and evidence of good everywhere. You will lift yourself. In this space, by the very nature of the universe, you will open the door to more.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels