Love is our new reality

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Message from the Angels via Ann Albers, September 30th, 2023

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

There is so much beauty in life to behold. For just a moment, look at your own hands. Witness the miracle that you live with daily. Take a moment to think of the millions of cells living, thriving, working, and dying in the tiniest space on your fingertip. The cells in your body live for one reason alone: to provide a vehicle for your magnificent spirit during your time here on earth. They love you. They want you to feel good. They want to function at their best.

Left to their own devices, the cells in your body have “spiritual antennae” that are attuned to the perfect frequencies of Divine love. Without any interference, they, like your earthly ecosystems, would rebalance and regenerate in harmony with the entire system. This is one of the many reasons you find sleep so restorative. When the brain is quiet, and there is an absence of negativity, there is a pure flow of Divine energy streaming to you, and your cells are busy, busy working hard to make use of this time for repair and regeneration. They love you.

When you are awake, you can be kind to your cells as well. Imagine you are truly king or queen of this kingdom of trillions of little beings. Like each of you, each one has its own divine direction. As you meditate, sleep, think, or speak sweetly, you allow rivers of love to nourish each and every one of them. In this space, even your so-called miracles are possible. In these loving vibrations, they have access to the same inner wisdom you do when you are in a higher vibe.

Take a moment to breathe and tell your cells how much you love and appreciate them. Thank them for your magnificent body. Thank them for continuing to work to heal you even when you focus on illness. Thank them for doing their best to rebalance you even when you don’t listen to your guidance and feed them substances or foods that don’t exactly support their well-being. Like every being in the universe, you are guided to the healthiest, happiest thing for you in a given moment, even down to the food you eat.

Love your bodies, dear ones. Love the trillions of little beings that give you a home during your stay here on earth. Love these creatures that incarnate with such special amazing functions that keep you alive. Your blood cells are little delivery people that bring oxygen and other nutrients where they are needed. Your heart cells are involved in transmitting waves like the ones you witness in your football stadiums, moving in unison to keep your circulation going. Your bone cells are united in strength and flexibility to give you structure and balance. You have cells in your nervous systems that function as a network of information far more complex and amazing than your worldwide internet. There are so many beautiful beings within you.

Whenever you think a thought soothes you, you allow your cells to thrive. Every time you enjoy a single moment of appreciation, your field opens up to nourish them. Whenever you think about something you enjoy or love, you allow the rivers of love to wash over your little “subjects.” Dear ones, you are all so kind and caring. If not for yourselves, then think about your cells and do your best to take time every day to open to some relaxation or light-filled thoughts that allow the light to wash over you and them and to help all of you live and breathe in a beautiful state of being.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels