Love is our new reality

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Message from the Angels via Jenny, February 22nd, 2018

Each Time You Ask, We Are with You

You are holding the light. You are beaming light out when you pray, when you meditate, when you send us and our legions to places of struggle. We easily overlight an area, an entire region. We soften the atmosphere around the animosity. Then, within the moment, in the face-to-face, as you say, we can inspire a wider view. Old patterns of attack give no satisfaction. The action is hollow. You cannot focus on the details of a problem to uncover a solution.

At this time in your world’s transformation, another perspective, a broader expression acts as a softening agent. In the constriction of struggle you can cut yourself off from your connection to your Source. But with your thought of us, your wish for support, your cry for help, we are there. Each time you ask, we are with you. You are not alone.

The Mother’s grace is around you as her Plan is unfolding. Within the turmoil, the ceaseless love of the Mother is outpicturing through you in waves of understanding, compassion, and relief. There is no end to the love being sent to you. We are transmitting the Mother’s love as we watch over you.

If a critic within or outside says this is too simple an approach, we ask you to breathe for a few inhales and exhales. Then we ask you to focus. Your good minds and hearts can find one thing to be grateful for: a window of blue sky, one green sprout in the snow, a bird on a wire. Your beautiful world is around you. Find it in some small way. Look and see. Within the safety of our embrace, you can watch the change.

You were not meant to live in struggle and adversity. You were meant to live expressing light, your divine essence. We do not generally discuss suffering because it is not our best focus and service. We do not lend more energy to an already too-well-fed aspect of the illusion. We do not suffer. If you have your attention on adversity, it drains you. We fill you up, always. Let that be your inner question to yourself: Am I drained? Am I filled? Such a small noticing will lead you even as old ways of thinking and acting fall away. Where will you place the power of your focus?

Now you are going to place your attention on your hearts, with your Angels. You are going to breathe and you are going to relax. This you can do—always. This you can do with us. We hold you; we hold your hearts. We love you as you grow in trust. This is how it is accomplished.

Dear children of the increasing light, your Angels are woven through your life. This very moment, feel us. We are with you now. We love you so much.