Love is our new reality

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Message from the Cetaceans via Galaxygirl, October 25th, 2017

Message from the Cetaceans for October 25, 2017

We are the cetaceans from Sirius B, and we come lovingly to connect and to lend our serving, calming energy to our beloved ones currently embodied in a human form.

Would it surprise you, oh Human, to know many of you have cetacean origins in your soul DNA? No, of course it won’t show up on one of your human medicine genetic tests but it is there, we assure you, buried deep with your soul memories, for you have had many incarnations, on many planets, in many forms.

We bring you the calming sense of the deep water; still, dark, at peace, perhaps with only the rumble of your inner thoughts, allowing you plenty of space and ample time to contemplate the greatness of you, of your I AM presence in this fragile form.

It is a time of triumph and introspection, of reliving and removing those memories that you have learned from, and are grateful for, but do not need in your field any longer. May we suggest you purge them, throwing them off into the deep sea of experience and swim away, onward, into new waters? We think you will find it refreshing and quite revealing, for who you are now is not necessarily who you were just moments ago, oh human.

For what is time? Your brief life is but a moment, a quick intake of breath. Many of you do not breathe deeply enough into your forms, which is a hinderance if you want to swim far. And may we remind you, lovingly, that you are swimming through dimensions, and the importance of the deep cleansing breath cannot be underestimated.

Imagine the swirling deep water, cool and invigorating against your skin. Imagine being able to look up from the depths and see the sunlight glistening in diamond rays on the clear surface above you. Imagine swimming up, up, up, to the light. That light is the light of yourself, of your own consciousness. It is yours to embrace, for now is the moment of the great remembering, the embrace of self, where all of your fractal selves rejoin and you are made whole.

The Christ consciousness is the mighty ocean of love. You are all swimming in it already, you need only remember and claim it as your ocean of reality. Do you understand? Your heart will best explain it. Listen to your inner voice, your inner cetacean. Sing your ancient whale song of remembering.

We are mighty in form, we carry the weight of the collective memories of this time and place and we connect it to our home world, forming a network of memory, of love, of deep remembering. We invite you to tap into it. It is time. Do not be afraid of the depths, for it only provides more for the light to permeate. You are all that you are. Be the light, as you swim and meander in your ocean of reality.

We are the Cetacean Collective and we sing our heart song to you. Listen; it is within you. We invite you to sing along. We love you.

— Submitted by galaxygirl