Message from the Lightpeople via Shining Star, December 16th

Message from the Lightpeople via Shining Star

Message to the People: Have Trust

Have trust in what is good in life even if it might seem difficult in this now. Know that all is according to the Universal plan.

Us Lightpeople are with you and help you in these difficult times. We understand that it is hard for you to understand that some people are subjected to severe sufferings.

But know in your hearts that we are there for them and surround them with Light and Love. Nobody is exposed to more than he or she can handle.

Know in your hearts that you all have written your Lifeplan, as difficult as it may sound. All of your choices are for your souls development.

Some souls have chosen to be born exactly where it in your eyes and ears can be seen as hell. However, you should know that those souls that will live on will manage these difficulties.

Have trust in the good.

Have trust that all will be resolved for the better for everybody involved.

Let the star of hope shine over us all during this Holiday Season

Have trust my friends.

The Lightpeople



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