Love is our new reality

Message from the Master in the Crystal Kingdom, May 31st, 2023

Beloved Light Beings, beloved people on Earth,

The time has come to make the changes in your life that you have felt compelled to make for a long time but did not dare or for other reasons did not manage to do.

The light is approaching the earth and your higher aspects are coming to life and need to be stimulated by being translated into physical incarnation. YOU are a master of light and your higher aspects have come for you to partake of as an incarnated human being and for others to partake of through your physical imprint here on earth.

Let your inner self flourish. Let your inner self have room to exist. It is your inner self that is your true reality in this and all other incarnations.

You are a gift of light to your own self. You are a gift of powerful creative energy. You can achieve anything you desire and by transforming your own energies into a higher level of light and being you have achieved what you desire on a higher plane.

Open your heart to the divine and transform it into your physical reality. Bring in beauty as it best suits your own spectrum of light.

Are you a flower person who loves to have plants around you, plant plants and let them bloom in your life. Are you a master of arts and crafts and drama, bring art into your life and you enhance the beauty of your life, thus reflecting your inner higher self as your imprint on earth. Are you a master of beautiful things, create a life full of beautiful things in your life and let your heart experience what is beautiful for you here on earth.

Creating has nothing to do with achievement. To create is to be what you already are at a higher level of yourself.

In your higher aspects of being, there is a wealth of information available about who you truly are. We wish, for your own happiness on earth, that you search within the consciousness of your own self and find out who exactly you really are. IN this way you find the way home to your own paradise and create an imprint of it here on earth.

The inner journey is the one that truly takes you home to yourself. You are your own master and you do what you desire and feel called to within yourself. Life in a higher dimension is not complicated and complex. Life in a higher dimension comes from within yourself, not from social media or from other people’s ideas of what life is or should contain.
Life in a higher incarnation means simplicity and purity. Life in a higher incarnation means that you come close to all that is natural and that you leave all that is artificial and industrially produced behind you.

Your natural self is the light and the power. Your natural self is love, simplicity, and that which does not need to take from anything else to come to life. You are your own master of light, you are your own best friend and companion here on earth.

We love you and follow you on your journey. By asking us to be present in your incarnation, we can walk with you on earth and reach out our hand when you need our help. We are always here.