Love is our new reality

Message from Virgin Mary, September 14th, 2023

Rosary September 14, 2023

Virgin Mary
My little sons and daughters, good night, I am Virgin Mary, mother of God and your mother. May all of you present in this space and in the distance receive my blessing, that of Almighty God, the blessing of your homes, your pets, your families. , of water and food, in the name of the Father, of the Son, of the Holy Spirit, amen.

I feel happy to come and wrap you in my Sacred Mantle, teach my children that although there is always darkness within this path of life, there are calls to that darkness, remember that light is something that accompanies them internally so that they do not have afraid of all those bad things that can happen to them.

Feeling that there is a greater protective force will lead you to feel in the tranquility of your being that whenever you turn to this protection we are with you and that when you allow there to be prayer in your home, in your house, that there be harmony in your house, this Prayer also allows that in the face of their requests for those things they want there is that harmony of their being, there is that understanding and that Peace to be able to reach what they want; More than asking for something desperately every day, praying and surrendering to God is having that certainty that all the will of the Father is acting in favor of what you ask for.
Sometimes it is difficult to know what another person wants, but when you pray for that human being you give him or her light so that that person is also clear about how he wants his life to develop from now on. As we have talked about in other moments, it is easier to live the life of others by criticizing what a person should do or should stop doing with their own existence, but when you, my children, understand that each person is responsible for their life, you can pray. with the desire for that person to be happy, with that desire for that person to heal, for that person to find a beautiful meaning in life and for all those painful creations that they are generating to dissolve.

Human beings often feel that this is the only option and connect with life in all that is gray, in all that is dark, in all that is ugly, in all that is complicated because they believe that there is nothing else in this world but when they learn to see life differently they begin to let you feel alone, abandoned, they begin to stop begging for love, you recognize yourselves as precious beings and allow other people to recognize you in the same way so I tell them to keep that place internal love towards you so that in this way you can give that place of love to those people who come into your life and that if you have given the best of yourself in love and that human being has not known how to respond to the expectations of what what you expect, it is important to let that being go, to be grateful for what it taught, to be grateful for what it was, but to continue with your own life and continue with the confidence that that proposal of love will resonate with someone else and that perhaps, as so many times, it will. I have said, if you planted in a field that was barren, you will be able to pass by and see a lush field that God has already planted for you.

Today I bless you, my children, with health, I free you from the fear that makes you feel mortified, I free you from the anguish you have with work, with money, with survival, with painful interpersonal relationships so that you may also find within yourself that joy of your being, we come to accompany you so that you prepare for the beautiful things in life, that you know that our presence is not only to give you encouragement to continue with your life, but that we manage to pull strings around you so that you receive blessings so that they receive protection so that they receive the things they have wanted to have for so long and do well in life.

When you dissolve those doubts within your being where your head says one thing, your heart says another, your body says another, harmony will lead you to be more forceful with your request and will make those things happen that have been delayed in the past. time that they have not been able to give themselves the way you wanted.

Today I bless you, my children, so that you may feel my company so that you may wrap yourself in this Sacred Mantle in those moments of uncertainty, in those moments where sleep abandons you, in those moments where you begin a day and feel sad, feel bored, feel sad. You feel alone, because we are always with you and we never abandon you and sometimes we join people as beautiful as you who give you a smile and many others who send you a message of love from us manifested in a hug, manifested in a caress, manifested in the importance that we want them to feel that they have for God and that they have for me as their mother.

May all of you, my children, receive my company in all the things of your life, I bless your homes so that within your house there is harmony, understanding, so that if conflicts, difficulties have been occurring, they can be resolved as soon as possible and you can live in harmonious and calm spaces. I bless your work so that by being in it you feel important and valuable, that you feel the fulfillment of that work and that you are appreciated, valued and also respected and that you bring the light of your own harmony to those places where you arrive with your work, that you can get along well with bosses, with colleagues, with clients and in that harmonious process you constitute a being of harmony around you.

May my children of my soul receive my company, my blessing, that of God the Father Almighty, with all my love I am Virgin Mary, very good night.