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Message from Your Hostess of Light | April 2023

Message from Your Hostess of Light | April 2023


April 2023

From Your Hostess of Light:

Recently I have experienced several dimensional doorways that are not on the outside of my energy but probing within. We have always thought that our inner self and thoughts were in a safe place a private place, a sanctuary where the Silent Witness within sits is a place of security and protection; that our thoughts were sanctified and safe without invasion of any type. Recently it has come to my attention that much more is happening actively, virtually and on the light waves of life, more than I ever could imagine.

I spend a lot of time alone on this mountain-side in east Tennessee my thoughts focused mostly on the spiritual learnings and teachings of everyday life. Like every other human I have periods of just dumb thoughts thinking about stupid things that have no True Value, like haphazardly writing a grocery list. Random thoughts come dancing thru our heads many time a day. One of these simple thoughts was how long it had been since I had pesto. Another was a need to get scotch tape instead of packing tape, simple, silly human thoughts that don’t matter diddly. Now remember I did not verbalize but only held the thoughts in my head for fleeting moment. What I found within a short time was that advertisements/ insights and rhetoric popped up in an assorted way displaying my very private thoughts in living color via a myriad of modalities. My actual thoughts were of such insignificance and Earthly things but were reflected back to me via another source that had no business reading my mind. This and a series of ongoing circumstances were discombobulating to my way of understanding. At first I felt breached, and then I got livid, how dare something read my inner private thoughts.

My soul knew it did not give permission for this incursion nor was this penetration of a spiritual or holy nature. I looked deep within me to see where or how there was a connection from an outside source to any part of me. Having ET experiences as a child I wondered if there was still implants that I had not dissolved fully, conscious connection points but I could not find any as I searched inwardly and actively. In one instance it was instantaneous as I was listening to a red-headed woodpecker outside and immediately on my phone a picture with words saying ‘why don’t woodpeckers get headaches’ was attached. Like a ghostly presence I looked all around the house looking to see what was allowing this energy to enter and connect with my personal thoughts which I did not give permission for on any level, I found nothing.

I give this information to you all as ‘food for thought’ literally, I ask you to look deeper into the so called coincidences of your life. We all know that our phones are just recording devices that make calls, along with recording most words and Alexa instructions, but when you do not speak the thoughts out loud and your inklings are displayed in front of you in 5G and your Spidey senses go ‘warning warning Will Robinson’, it is time to address the virtual elephant in the room. Is this a holographic connection, a virtual connection, an alien technology, AI? Does it come to teach or show or warn or just invade our private place of personal thoughts? I give this to you as an opportunity to seek and ask and find what is truth.

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