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Message from Your Hostess of Light | May 2023

Message from Your Hostess of Light | May 2023


May 2023

From Your Hostess of Light:

We as a collective group of light-masters with planetary forgetfulness are at an spirited ‘point of reinterpretation’ of what we hold and know to be truth, what was given to earth as truth and the deepest truth that once lived in our DNA. We as humans just do not know what to think about anything anymore. The airwaves are full of static, satellite phones buzz, and your Spidey senses are ‘on mute’ and nature is not saying a word. The earthiness of this month smells of moss and fallen trees, all elements are quiet. There are so many profound truths interlaced with more bull than the month of Taurus can shovel. Walk thru the forest of self with a light footstep and reverence, listen to the sound you cannot hear, but can taste.

Every day we are in awe of what transpires right in front of our eyes just like magic! Within our personal light field is fluctuation after fluctuation; we all try hard to fine tune the channel using very human rabbit-ears and aluminum. We do not know who we are or who we are becoming as we quantum leap thru the outer limits passing the twilight zone. We have been so sure footed most of our time on Earth now we are slipping down a slippery slope that leads to a quagmire of invisible selections. Are we brave enough to go Where Angels Fear to Tread? Everything in all universes touches us on a subatomic level because ultimately we are all one Light. We as humans are both transmitters and receivers always trying to balance the incoming with the outgoing which is a full time job.

All of our sensory choices regular and Supernatural have amplified more than 500% since the 1960s. As we question the universe and the universe questions us we see further into time and circumstance than we thought possible. Every beautiful hair on your human head and body is both a receiver and a transmitter of the infinite, of the future, and of past possibility. Every blood cell is a solitary universe within a star nursery that seeks to be birthed.

Imagine every thought process as a quantum theatre filled to the balconies with both answers and questions; the seen and unseen. The human body is a living lie detector it knows a ‘deceiver feather’ when one fly’s by. Like a cosmic barcode the body, mind, living conscious-computer, searches its I-Ching lines looking for the most high truth at this point in time. For it has learned that truth comes in black white and ‘The Many Shades of Gray’. Sorting through a dirty garbage bin via karma and Akasha is exhausting and disappointing on so many levels. So many aspects of our Universal-self floats to the surface of our cell-memories as we all sail the ‘See’s of past quantum-entangled within Future Events. Everything escorts us into more choices more paths more places within our soul and self we have not traveled.

Our human body and sensories are on constant alert like a soldier on a midnight-watch. The ancient instinct within us and our humaneness raises its head, sensing a change to come; putting back its ears trying not to listen to what the earth is Whispering so loudly. Change comes, it always has!

All of life seems to be broadcasting misrepresentations whether it is your parents lying to you, a best friend, child or husband, you are very aware of the deceiver feather code that chimes like an incoming text message; you’re humanness always knows the truth as it stands bold-face beside a lie. Within all the truths and lies and dirty clothes lives a ‘stained heart as opposed to a sustained heart’ the dirty the good, the bad and the ugly always leaves a stain on the human soul even when it’s closeted out of sight and out of mind.

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