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Mike Quinsey Channeling His Higher Self, August 6th, 2021

6th August 2021. Mike Quinsey.

Many changes are taking place on Earth as the old ways are being replaced with those that are more in line with your needs to move with the necessary changes. As you are now finding, much of which you have taken for granted and has served you well, is no longer adequate for the period of advancement you have now entered. Bear in mind that such changes are normal after the end of a solar cycle. The vibrations are continuing to lift you up giving you every opportunity to raise your own. Some of you will find it hard to maintain such high levels but that is to be expected, as you are not all at the same level of evolution. There is no shame or reason to be disappointed if you struggle to keep a positive outlook and are unable to lift your vibrations, as many souls are like you and as time passes you will progress and be given every assistance to do so.

However, for those of you who have progressed to a level where you can hold your positive vibrations there is much to look forward to. These are difficult times for most of you but there is no reason why you should not be able to maintain a higher level of vibrations and hold them as you prepare for Ascension. We know it sounds strange to be advised to fully focus upon your evolution but it is a time for putting self first. The recent cycle you have just completed offered you the chance to prepare for your Ascension and you should take it. It will be a long time before such an opportunity arises again where every soul has an equal opportunity to ascend if they have advanced sufficiently. Even now there is still time to raise your vibrations but it will require great dedication to achieve it. You are helped by your Guides as soon as you have made the decision to prepare yourself for Ascension, but also allow your intuition to be your guide and you will have every chance of success.

Your make believe world can no longer assist you, and that is why we ask you to fully concentrate on your own path and not be distracted by other happenings. By visualising your path you will be setting yourself above the lower vibrations that exist all around you. The dark Ones have done all within their power to keep you all in the dark and distract you, but they will have little success whilst you maintain your higher vibrations. Be assured that the Light is your protection, and if you continue to lift yourself up you will reach a point where you are out of their reach. The future beckons you and is far more beautiful and harmonising than you can possibly imagine.

You hardly need to be told that climate change is happening and that your normal weather expectations are being thrown into turmoil. Change is inevitable as you enter higher and higher vibrations, and you have been warned to be prepared on many occasions. What you are experiencing is quite normal for the period of time you are now in and it will level out as the changes bring in the new and dispense with the old. Through the pandemic you have been “forced” to look at what you are doing and how you are doing it and whether it is still relevant. Many are realising that changes are necessary if you are to move with the times. For many the changes are causing great inconvenience and hardships but all will pass in good time, and a new period will get underway that will be more acceptable.

Never lose heart and do your best to look on the bright side as much better times are approaching. We know it is easier said than done but the last thing you want to do is unknowingly help the dark Ones to continue with their attempts to keep the chaos going. By keeping positive you will be denying them of any help they may get from your energies when they drop down in vibration. The Forces of Light are making much better progress in putting a stop to the nefarious acts the dark Ones have been carrying out. It will take time before success is confirmed but your allies are well on the path to making sweeping arrests that will help curtail their activities. The weaker they are the more success the Forces of Light will achieve.

You have been held in a time warp for so long that you are way behind the level of progress you should have made by now. However, changes are taking place at this time that will greatly help to propel you to a level that will change your quality of life for the better. There is so much that is already on the drawing board that simply awaits the funding and intent to introduce it as soon as possible. You are certainly showing signs of coming out of your Covid19 experiences, and much will have been learned that will hasten your progress into a new period of much needed changes. However there is so much inequality throughout your world, it will take a considerable amount of time to put it right.

Matters are coming to a head and they can be addressed and commence the difficult task of bringing back equality. The differences between the nations have been deliberately brought about by the dark Ones, and not helped by the lack of sharing of the world’s bounties. The drug companies have for example monopolised their markets and dispensed with many natural remedies, so as to lessen the competition and concentrate on the money market with often highly inflated prices. Natural remedies yield little profit and are set aside for that reason. Profit is not a dirty word but can be exorbitant to the extreme when greed steps in. Your money system is however changing and it will be the precursor of better things to come.

You really do have a hectic period coming up with so much to deal with, as an aftermath of the effects on life in general because of Covid19 and all that it has entailed. It has turned things upside down and with the earth changes that are still occurring along with those affecting the climate, life has been under severe stress. We sympathise with your predicament and changes are unavoidable and inevitable but we help where we can.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.


In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.