Love is our new reality

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – July 2, 2021

If you were to know the real truth as to what has been taking place for many, many years you would realise that there has been an ongoing battle between the dark and Light. With freewill the dark Ones have been fermenting wars and altercations and causing much fear which energy they feed upon. They have ensured that there are conditions that result in chaos and prevent the people from living peaceful and happy lives. They have continued to feed the negativity that has existed upon Earth for eons of time and hoped to finally decimate the Human Race and take over the world.

Many people have alluded to it over the centuries but been unable to offer a solution that would have rid the world of their presence. However, when in recent times it seemed that the dark Ones were achieving their aims Humanity collectively raised their vibrations and were able to continue on Mother Earth with the promise that a New Age was to commence from 2012. As a result the vibrations have gradually lifted up and are bringing more positive energies into being, and this has the effect of weakening the power of the dark Ones who can no longer rule by fear. The people are awakening to their own powers and becoming aware of the way their lives have been controlled.

They are seeking ways to take back their sovereignty and be able to determine their own future. Success will come but there is so much that needs changing to rid the world of the negative energies that presently exist. Much to this end is carried out in secret but be assured that the Light has effectively won the battle for the minds and souls of the people, but there are always those who will not give up the battle to follow their own dictates. In a freewill world they have to be allowed to practice their own beliefs by creating their own pathway of chaos and disunity. It will take much time but eventually all souls will come to realise that it is the Light that leads to complete peace and harmony.

For those souls who have found their peace and pathway to greater glories, they have raised themselves up and walk their Light protected from the lower vibrations. They have understood that because they are protected they need not fear whatever the dark Ones do to distract them from their pathway. They become a beacon of Light that attracts others to them who recognise and feel their loving energies. They bring peace and love to those they meet and help them to recognise the truth that will carry them forwards. You can hold your head up high and know that you are spreading it by your words and actions, and that should be the aim of every soul who has discovered the truth. Others will live a lie until they realise that their path is littered with problems and difficulties that are holding them back.

Much care is taken by those who oversee your future experiences so that your freewill is acknowledged and supported. Yet the great plan for your evolution is always a marker that is followed without usurping your freewill by putting opportunities on your path that lead you in the right direction. There are of course more personal links that you will have to ensure you experience life in a beneficial way that supports your needs. It is a vastly complicated set up but gives each soul the means to progress without forcing their experiences in any particular direction. Your intentions and life plan are known to them and you may be sure they are supported. You have so many unseen helpers you would be surprised if you knew the truth.

The chaos in the world may seem overwhelming but it is because of the sheer volume of work entailed in helping you through your life and ensuring you get every opportunity of success. Your Guides do not press themselves upon you but welcome opportunities to “talk” with you and they are delighted when you acknowledge their presence. You are well advised to make time so that you can create a peaceful situation around you so that they can come to you. It gives them an opportunity to impress useful advice upon your mind that will help you along. You often meet them when out of the body such as your sleep state, and much useful advice can be given this way and you are just as likely to recall it upon awakening.

In the future you will meet your helpers and some will be known to you through previous lives. In reality you have so many close friends who have incarnated with you, or simply met you between lives. Your present family members who have passed on eagerly await you on the other “side” and some will be those who have been part of your family in the past. Life outside of Earth is just as important, as all experience helps you to progress and you often share them with others. Much more takes place than you are aware of whilst on Earth and life in general is a wonderful uplifting experience. On Earth you are confined to those experiences that you need, whereas once you have discovered the truth of life it becomes a wonderful time that is rich in beautiful opportunities.

It may be difficult to accept that you are an old soul, but when you are off Earth you will know that you are and have an awareness of your previous lives. After all you are an old soul with vast experience often giving yourself tasks that help others on their path. Clearly once you ascend and leave the lower energies behind you have an expanded level of consciousness that embraces much more of the truth about all that is. You are presently but a fraction of your true selves and capabilities as you are specifically prepared for your life on Earth. You are given whatever you need to complete your life plan which is why some very young children know at an early age what they have come into life to do.

The world is truly a stage for you all to act out your roles in life, and there is of course a purpose in them that is for your evolution. Some question why they have certain experiences but in the main it is best not to know in advance. It means that you act as one who handles your experiences as and when they come up without a predetermined plan, but of course you are going to be guided by whatever experiences you have brought with you. Intuition is the key to many decisions that you are facing and usually it will help you make the right decisions for you. All is well in spite of the outer appearances.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.