Love is our new reality

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Mira from the Pleiadian High Council via Valerie Donner, May 6th

Valerie Donner ~ A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner May 6, 2016

Greetings, I am Mira. I salute you from the Earth Council where we watch and guard you and the earth.

These are fleeting times, ground crew. Thoughts come and go, the old bounces in and out, uncertainty keeps one off balance and the energies upon the earth are a bit shaky. What you would call normal or normalcy is non-existent. Every day is truly a new day.

The other fleeting magic is the expanded presence of our fleets of ships within the sky and around the boundaries of the planet. We are fully present and prepared for whatever contingency occurs. You are not alone in any way. We have the skill and abilities to masterfully handle what presents itself. As you know we are on standby to assure that the ascension process proceeds in the most beneficial manner possible.

We believe that the dark forces will be surprised with their fate. They are winding their way into their final destinies although they still have the opportunity to turn to the Light even until the very end. They will soon be discovering that power and greed won’t buy their way to a place of comfort or welcoming. Their days are surely limited. The more limited they become the more unlimited you become so you can hasten their departure by remembering who you truly are as divine human beings living and expressing your divinity.

I am sure this would seem like a new way to live and in some ways it is. It is what you have dreamed about for eons of time even if you can’t remember the dream. Please be reassured that the lives you have been living are the illusion. You will be manifesting your true purpose and destiny in love and grace. It is part of the natural unfolding of ascending souls.

New ideas and creativity will spring from you in amazing ways. You will jump for joy into the higher frequency of the 5th dimension and it will feel natural. You will wonder how you could have survived the low level frequencies of the third dimension for such a long time.

You did it because of your love of the earth and your desire as ground crew to assist. You had to lower your vibration and learn to fit in ways that were uncomfortable. You grew and healed while helping many others to overcome their needs for growth and healing. You have done it all. Now all you have to do is go along with the evolving planet while continuing to expand your consciousness. With your changing awareness you will learn the truth about the earth and why you were living in matrix that was controlled by the dark forces.

Most of you have little knowledge of the true history of your planet, however you are beginning to learn more. It will all be told soon enough but you must integrate what you can along the way. The increasing transparency is facilitating this process. Stay aware and keep your heart open.

The divine experiment on beloved Mother Earth is coming to a close. You are a part of the experiment and you will return to living in a state of love. You will be able to look back and remember what life was like in duality and separation. Most of you will use what you have learned to assist other ascending planets after you have helped the earth return to her natural state in the higher dimensions.

Again, we honor you and salute you for all that you are doing towards the evolution of the earth, the solar system and other solar systems of which you are a part. We are one with you in love, peace and joy.

I am Mira loving you and appreciating you.