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The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan, May 3

Caroline Oceana Ryan ~ A Message to Lightworkers – May 3, 2016

This week, the Collective answer a question from a Lightworker who wrote in to ask:
There are many Lightworkers on the Earth at this time. Some know they are Lightworkers, and some need a little reminding now and then. However, we are all able to give and receive love, and we are all capable of manifesting (although I greatly struggle with this area). 
And the Collective have said many times in their books that we are all the bravest souls to come to the Earth at this time, to help Earth and Humanity ascend.
Are we not therefore all Lightworkers to some degree? Some of us more aware of it perhaps than others? 
Or are there people on the Earth who are not here to help Earth and humanity ascend, who are here just for the experience of an Earth life? If so, which group is the majority?

The Collective: Greetings, dear ones! We find, on this beautiful day, on your amazingly beautiful planet, that this is a very important question indeed.
We are more than happy to address this topic, though no answer we could give in such a short space, amongst a people and a planet so quickly evolving, could ever be definitive.
There is much you must answer for yourselves. But we shall offer our own Light on this vital subject.
First, understand that not all beings upon the Earth are capable of giving and receiving Love in the way and to the degree that you reference here.
Some are strictly raised, though they are indeed the minority, to live without compassion or empathy, to fulfill only those roles they are given to them by their overlords (their parents, grandparents, and others), and to fulfill those roles with complete loyalty to their class of being—that which was formerly called your ruling class—without ever looking right or left, nor questioning their place in the hierarchy, for the whole of their Earth lives.
These beings are on a journey of Ascension, just as you are, though they would never call it such. 
For they are, for the most part, not consciously choosing to Ascend to the fifth dimension at this time, as you have already chosen for yourself and your planet.
They are distressed beyond reason that their former unquestioned spot at the top of the hierarchy is now toppling all around them, and for them to think now in terms of Love and generosity, compassion and Ascension to higher frequencies, is unthinkable.
Now, not all is lost amongst these beings, who came here while the karmic cycle was still in place, to fulfill their role in Earth’s experiment of life in the third dimension, just as you have incarnated here, hundreds of times, in various Earth lives, to play your role in this great adventure.
Unlike you, they came in with the intention to rule, crush, own, and oppress, whereas you came in with the intention of exponential soul growth and increased awareness of Life and its varying frequencies on this planet, which your soul desired from its fullest depths.
These shadowy beings came in to continue a very old legacy that stretches back thousands of years in Earth’s history on this timeline.
And yet, many have now decided that they will not remain in the same strata they have occupied, one lifetime after another.
They are choosing to release the reins around their necks and to declare their own independence from that which has kept them in servitude to an order that claims to be higher, and is in fact, amongst the lowest density lifeforms in the Universe.
It is so that the darker beings of this group have infiltrated the new age websites, communities, teachings, and channelings, to induce more separation amongst Lightworkers and amongst Earth’s peoples, while putting forth only a slightly “new and improved” version of the third dimension, dressed up to be the fifth dimension.
Some who came here as Lightworkers have bought into these false images and ideas, and some have not.
Those who have bought into (sometimes literally) the schemes and promises of the false new age teachings and channelings are still Lightworkers. But they live at a less mature level, and have a less awakened consciousness, than those who have not bought into the false presentations, or who have awakened to and broken away from them.
Those who have not accepted the lies as their Truth are more likely to see through false veils and representations.
They are far more likely to see through the false channelings and false teachings that describe NESARA mainly in terms of financial prosperity rather than in terms of universal freedom, equality, and justice (of which worldwide Abundance is a part, but not the most vital ingredient).
And so yes, the new and yet-emerging Light of those born into terrible darkness is beginning to be seen on this planet, just as the brighter Light of those not born under such debilitating experiences is showing through more and more.
And the far brighter Light of those who are the Truth Seekers and Truth Tellers is coming forward with, as they say, “So much Light, that I need sunglasses to see you!”
That is how we see all of you, in fact.
For despite the fact that those of the dark ways have abused and misruled the planet and Her people for millennia, nevertheless, the greatest crack in the dark, heavy slab that has stood between you and the opening of the cave is not merely your own Light.
That great crack (“that is how the Light gets in”) is your own understanding of and compassion for those who have seemingly chosen the dark route, but who in fact operated under those structures under fear of losing their own lives, under a system of specific DNA alternation and mental programming.
You may wish to pity them, and this is understandable. But do not.
See them as crawling out from under very dark, very heavy rocks, and like Gollum, begging to see and live in the Light, even while their eyes are shocked and frightened by the Sun’s own presence.
The “majority” on Earth is always shifting, in terms of the numbers of Lightworkers versus the numbers of those who are unawakened—yet this is not the quantum field to which you refer, in your question.
You refer to the power of Love Itself, and within the great expanse that is your galaxy and Universe, there is no brighter Light than that you should Love and see the growing Light in even the darkest of beings and places on your planet.
Were there only ten or twenty Lightworkers such as yourself upon the planet—She would still Ascend, when the moment came.
You have come in in great numbers at this time, to Ascend with Her, and to aid in Her Ascension—but not because there are many of you.
You have been here before, when there were only a few of you, and you Ascended then, as you had planned to before incarnating.
There are many of you here now, because now is the time for Earth Herself to Ascend—and you would not miss that astounding and breathtakingly brilliant event for anything in the Universe.
Know that the dark versus Light battle is no longer a battle, but an epic poem of a planet’s Ascension into that which She once was, and will be again.
Numbers and majorities do not come into it, as this path of Light was set into motion long ago, and growing into its fulfillment more each moment.
Yes, you are the bravest, you who have come forth at this time! 
For you long faced considerable opposition that is only now beginning to be overcome by the waves of higher frequencies and solar Light reaching the planet and your own energy meridians, your own cellular makeup.
So allow each their path, and do not spend a moment longer wondering whether the great scale shows the greater weight belonging to the Light or to those struggling toward the Light.
Were there only a handful of you, at your current rate of growing power and consciousness, you and your beloved planet would still Ascend.
You are like the small tug that pulls the great ship—you have the inner power needed, in these exponentially expanding higher energies.
And yes, you are the brightest Light we know.
Namaste, dear ones! Know and remember Who you are, and why you have come here.
We are with you, always.
Copyright 2016, Caroline Oceana Ryan
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