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Montague Keen via Veronica Keen, April 1, 2018


Those who believe themselves to be free are as dangerous to humanity as the Dark Cabal. 2018 will prove this to be true. 2018 will produce very difficult times as the big shift to remove 90% of you will be intensified. The Cabal is using genetically modified food, vaccinations, medical drugs, chemtrails, and fluoridated water, etc, to make you more susceptible to cancer and other deadly diseases, to painfully remove you from the Earth. Though you were repeatedly warned of these dangers to life, you obeyed the Cabal and did as you were told. Now you must face the consequences of your actions.

To prepare your bodies to move out of the dark control, you must first make them ALKALINE. To do this, you must add LEMON JUICE to the water you drink. Each day, your first action must be to take one teaspoon of Bicarbonate of Soda (pharmaceutical quality), add lemon juice and hot water, and drink it before food. Throughout the day, continue to add lemon juice to the water you drink. This will prepare you for the transition into the light. Your body must be alkaline to move forward. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO GET CANCER WITH AN ALKALINE BODY.

Those of you who are full of anger and hate will cease to exist. There is no room for anger and hate in the future. It will not be allowed to exist. Give this some very serious thought. Prepare, for the time is at hand and there is no time to waste. Everything is moving forward quickly.

World War 3 will not be allowed to happen. What will the Cabal do then? For nearly 2000 years the Cabal has had it all its own way. The decision to take the Earth for themselves alone was made at the Council of Nicea in 352 AD. Everything that you have been taught since then is a LIE. The human body has been systematically degraded since that time. They have been clever, you must admit that, for they have fooled you into trusting them while all the time they were wiping you out of existence. They own everything necessary for human life to exist and they have altered it to destroy you. Many of you, even after opening your eyes to so much, are still frightened to go with the truth. Even though you have been told the benefits of an alkaline body, free of cancer, you are still afraid to take responsibility for your body. You choose to believe what the Cabal tells you. Circumstances will force you to make choices soon. Do you have the knowledge to make such major decisions? Humanity cannot remain on the CLIFF EDGE much longer. Soon you will see the survival of the alkaline bodies, ready to take the Earth forward into the light, to peace and prosperity for all who survive.

Light is used by the Cabal too. DARK LIGHT is used against humanity. They know how to manipulate it, in all its deadly forms. It is used to hold all of you under their control. You are only shadows of the human beings you once were. You have the tools and the power to take back your power, and the Earth that is your true home.

The PARASITES are in difficulties. They are losing control. There is only one course of action open to them, and that is war. Will you sit back and allow this to happen, or will you say, NO, I will not kill my fellow man for you. I will not assist you to take over our world. There are more than enough of you now to stand together in strength and to refuse to agree to war. Do not give in to Cabal blackmail. LEARN FROM PAST MISTAKES.

There will be those among you who will not have the courage to step into the light. This is their choice. Allow them to perish. You cannot hold the whole back because of the fears of the few. They have made a conscious choice. It is their right to do so. You will go forward and reconnect with All That Is. You will become, once again, the beings of light who will inhabit the Earth. All that is negative will be removed. This battle has gone on since 352 AD when at the Council of Nicea your history was rewritten and you were taught their lies. It has taken a long time and much suffering to finally come to the truth. Now this truth must be faced and dealt with. You do not have a choice.

The Cabal will try to scare you with Project Bluebeam. Do not fall for it. Of course they can project films on to the sky to scare the ignorant. Remember the planes hitting the twin towers. THEY WERE PROJECTED, TOO. They will use every dirty trick in the book to try to hold on to control. They will not want to accept defeat. They will fight to the bitter end.

Their escape routes have been destroyed. Many of the Cabal are in hiding, for they know that they have lost the battle and they are desperate to survive. They are not brave. They have had it so easy for so long. Now, you are looking at them and seeing what they have done to you. They are scared of you and they are realising just how many of you there are! The AWAKENED HUMANITY has the power.

Connect with your spiritual side. Become who you truly are, become whole. They will continue to attack, using whatever petty means they can invent. Do not allow them to remove you from your true path.

Please pray for those all over your world who have a role to play in the release of humanity from the deadly grip of the Cabal. They need the strength to fulfill their roles. Together you will do it.

My dear, they are throwing everything at you. They use whatever and whoever they can to delay their loss of power. Ignore them, for they are puppets in the hands of the Cabal.

Forever, your adoring, Monty.

Dave has asked me to thank you for your kind thoughts, letters, and cards. He wants you to know that he really appreciates them. Please remember to send love and light to him on his birthday on the 5 April.

Thank you, Veronica.

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